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1st Gospel Music Show In Northern Nigeria Debuts In Minna

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Justina Asishana
Justina Asishana
Justina Asishana is a Nigerian from Edo state. She is a data and investigative journalist who also fact-checks. She covers health, agriculture, education and governance

NIGERIA. Niger State: The first Gospel Music Show in northern Nigeria has debuted in Minna, the Niger state capital with a 26-year-old winner who went home with the grand prize of N500,000 and a recording deal.

The JIA Gospel Music Show which was organized by the Resident Pastor of the House on the Rock, Pastor Peterock Saddiq is to raise a platform for upcoming singers to express their gifts and link them to sponsors who will support their singing career.

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The show which began with over 100 contestants had 13 contestants in the grand finale which was held at Vagosh Hotel in Minna.

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The Show

The 13 finalists of the JIA Gospel Music Show include Audrey Ojo Orji, Lovett Ogali, Paul Ebenezer, Austin Aminu, Beauty Akinoluwatunde, Ogali Blessing, Ikenna Christain, Joy Praise Dominic.

Others are Silas Praise, Philip Emmanuel, Danladi Milcha, Seth Oche and Jerry Utah.

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The finalists had 2.30 minutes to sing the songs of some renowned gospel singers and display their singing ability and prowess.

Each of the contestants after the singing was given words of encouragement by the Exclusive Judges, Pastor Peterock Saddiq and International gospel Singer, Freke Umoh.

Four main judges were also at hand to judge the singers by their singing ability, the power of their ministration, stage attitude, stage presence and comportment.

The contestants thrilled the audience as a lot of them had to stand up from their seats to dance to the rhythm of the music.

The Winners

26-year- old Austin Aminu emerged winner of the JIA Gospel Music Show and went home with N500,000 and a recording deal.

The first runner-up, Beauty Akinoluwatunde went home with N100,000 while the second runner-up, Milcha Danladi went home with N200,000.

Austin who was almost thrown out of the preliminary stages of the show because of his low performance surprised everyone when he sang during the grand finale.

Speaking with Transcontinental Times, Aminu said his desire not to fail made him push himself to perform better during the grand finale.

He disclosed that the prize money would be used to boost his singing career and take care of his family.

The First Runner up, Beauty Akinoluwatunde told Transcontinental Times that she was glad she came out among the top three even though she was aiming for the grand prize.

She said that it was God’s grace and mercy that helped her emerge among the top three saying that people should expect more from her in the coming years.

Beauty gifted her gift price to her instrumentalists, “I wanted to win very much but I am glad I came top three. I am going to surprise my instrumentalists with this gift prize”, she stated. 

Reason for JIA Gospel Music Show

The Visioneer of the JIA Gospel Music Show and Resident Pastor, House on the Rock, Pastor Peterock Saddiq told Transcontinental Times that the major intention and purpose of organizing the gospel music show is to raise a platform for upcoming singers in the North to showcase their voice, gifts and abilities.

He said that it saddens him to see young singers move to bigger towns in search of a platform where their voices can be heard.

“As a Minister in the North, I have been looking for platforms for singers in the North to express their gifts and abilities and it saddens me that we do not have.

“Every time we have someone gifted in gospel music in this region, they have to go to Lagos, they have to travel far for their voices to be heard but with JIA Gospel Music Show, this is the end of it. JIA will give gospel singers in the North a platform.”

Peterock said that when the call for people to apply for the competition came up, a lot of people with talents did not register because they had doubts; he appreciated everyone who registered and the finalists for being steadfast to have emerged in the grand final.

He discloses that the JIA Gospel Music Show will be partnering with renowned producers and singers across Nigeria and in the international space to support those whose talents would be showcased during the show.

He added that the winners will receive coaching and mentoring lessons and they would also be given recording sessions.

The Pastor said that the show is strictly for gospel music and would be held twice a year adding that it would be opened for young singers between 15 to 35 years.

He advised young singers, especially those living in northern Nigeria not to close up their talent because there is no platform urging them to try to showcase their talents whenever opportunities like the JIA Gospel Music Show comes up.

“Whenever you see an opportunity to show forth your talent, take the bull by the horn. You do not know what will happen when you step on that stage. Always take hold of opportunities”, he encouraged.

Proud Parent

The Father of the first runner up, Apostle Abraham Akinoluwatunde and other members of his family were beaming with joy with the emergence of their daughter as the first runner up.

Speaking to Transcontinental Times, Akinoluwatunde said that he never doubted his daughter’s ability for a day because she has been very talented in singing from her tender age.

“Music runs in our family. We supported her all the way when she said she was coming for this competition and we are glad she came among the top three. We thought she would take the main prize but we are grateful to God for her position.”

He urged parents to always support their children in the path they want to take and not force them in taking the path they do not want to.

“As parents, we should guide and support our children to do what they have the zeal to do. We should however guide them right when we feel they are going the wrong path but not force them to do what they don’t want to do.”


  • Justina Asishana

    Justina Asishana is a Nigerian from Edo state. She is a data and investigative journalist who also fact-checks. She covers health, agriculture, education and governance

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