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A Heartfelt Letter to Sushant Singh Rajput From an Indian Cinema Lover

A touching tribute from cinema lover Devesh Purohit

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INDIA. Mumbai, Maharashtra. 2020 left the world in trauma once again when a bright shining star of Bollywood industry, Sushant Singh Rajput chose to end his life on 14 June 2020. Here is a heartfelt letter was written by Indian cinema lover Devesh Purohit for heavenly Sushant.

“Dear Sushant Singh Rajput,

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I know its too late to write this and express my love and admiration for you, but still, I want to do this.

My first admiration and liking for you came as an SRK-ian, which is very biased. I loved your inspiring story of coming from a non-filmy ordinary background, dropping Engineering in the last semester. You came out of nowhere and cracked this big bad world of Bollywood all on your own.

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More than not having contacts, you didn’t have good communication skills as you were introverted, you didn’t have good networking skills which is a significant part of this industry to survive. But you kept on grooming, excelling and winning hearts.

I had watched Kai Po Che with my classmates of Mithibai at Suncity theatre in Vile Parle East. Honestly, I loved you and even other actors’ performances.

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MS Dhoni is a living legend. Apart from being a great cricketer, he is a Genius in Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making skills. Out of everyone in Bollywood, only you were considered to play this role purely based on merit, talent, and dedication. I am sure, working on this character and interacting with MS Dhoni so many times, you must have inculcated at least 50% of his Emotional Intelligence. And no MS Dhoni mindset can think of ending life under any circumstances as MS Dhoni mindset is a brand of strong leadership and a high level of EQ.

From my friend Himanshu Kumar, I had heard a lot about your love for science, spirituality, and stoicism. I discovered you to be a genius with an interest in quantum physics and cosmic science. I admired you more after that.

Once, I had the opportunity to visit an interview shoot of yours at NDTV Spotlight with a few of my friends including Himanshu. For some reason, you and Kriti Sanon were late by almost two hours. You arrived. Everyone clapped for you. Girls were going gaga over you. I, Himanshu, and my other friend thought of bunking it mid-way and go somewhere out to eat. I am sorry for that.

One of my friends told me about his interaction opportunity with you at the premiere screening of Half Girl-friend and I was fascinated to hear his experience. I happened to see you and Kriti again a few days later at the premiere of Sachin Tendulkar’s biopic. You were in a hurry and I requested you for a selfie. You and Kriti had stopped for a moment but the concerned PR or Manager or Coordinator denied, and I didn’t feel bad at all.

I remember very well, my first selfie with Disha Patani is because of you. At Lakme Fashion Week of Manish Malhotra, after the show, I came running to the celeb area for a selfie with Disha. You heard me calling Disha and you told Disha that I am calling you and Disha invited me for a selfie. I wish I had asked for a selfie with you too.

Later, I happen to see you at an event of Gauri Khan and you smilingly exchanged greetings. My friend who had accompanied me had said to me to behave professionally, otherwise, I would have asked for a selfie. I didn’t know that it was my last time.

From Himanshu, I got to know a lot about your humbleness and the way you would interact with your fans on social media. I never had a chance to connect with you on social media. You used to send gifts to your fans on their birthdays.

I loved the episode of celebrity homes by Asian Paints featuring you and your home. From that day I wanted to visit your home someday and use your telescope and have some conversations revolving around Quantum Physics, Stoicism, Shah Rukh Khan, and in general. I wondered if you would eat dal-bati with me someday.

Since you are an Engineering student and such a genius, I always wanted to have a conversation with you regarding Chenab. I thought you would be the one who would understand.

Some people called you rude and arrogant, but I always knew that you took no shit from anyone, you were too intelligent to be handled by small minds, you spoke facts and never scared of anyone. You were too honest, full of ethics, humble and sweet, provided the other person is not being nasty.

I had your number for 2-3 years but didn’t find any right opportunity to talk to you. I was always waiting for the right chance and unfortunately that never came.

This Sunday afternoon, I was on my swing listening to Qaafirana Sa Hai song and I got a message on WhatsApp that shook me and I jumped and told my dad to switch on to news channel. Sadly, the WhatsApp forward was not fake.

I am happy that you lived your dreams, SRK knows you, you never bowed down like a true RAJPUT and you shot in my beloved place Jodhpur at the Mehrangad Fort and Chandpol area.

For me, you will always be truly a SUPERSTAR. Ik vaari aa bhi jaa yaara..”


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