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Thursday, September 21, 2023

AAP’s Manish Sisodia Takes a Dig at PM Modi

Manish Sisodia claimed that a CBI officer allegedly committed suicide after being pressured to defame him

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INDIA. Delhi: In a recent statement, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia claimed that a CBI officer allegedly committed suicide after being pressured to defame him in a fake excise case.

He directly hits back at PM Minister Narendra Modi for such ill practice.

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The officer who caused the self-slaughtering was a deputy legal advisor with the CBI, identified as Jitendra Kumar. According to police, the dy officer of CBI committed suicide at his south Delhi residence last week.

In a media interaction, Sisodia said, “A CBI officer was pressured to frame me in a false case. He could not take the mental pressure and die by suicide… I want to ask the PM why officers are being pressured so much that they take such extreme steps.” he added on, sharing grief for the officer.

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“This is unfortunate, I am deeply hurt.” Sisodia was so profoundly affected by the action taken by the officer that he expressed saying.

“He could not take the mental pressure and died by suicide. Arrest me if you want, but don’t destroy the families of your officers,” he added.

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But, amidst all this, there is a new twist in which the CBI brushed off all rumours floating in the air and released an official statement.

“CBI strongly refutes mischievous and misleading statements by Manish Sisodia. It is clarified that the gentleman officer Late Jitendra Kumar was in no way connected with the investigation of the case.”

In fact, according to an officer, a suicide note has been recovered from the place of the incident.

“Kumar was posted as deputy legal advisor in the CBI. He was found hanging at his house in Hudco Place. He originally belonged to the district Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. A suicide note was also found in which it was written that nobody was responsible for his death,” says the officer.

The CBI continued, “The Excise policy case is being investigated. As a result, none of the accused have received a chit. Manish Sisodia made a deceptive and misleading claim to draw attention away from the current investigation into the Delhi Excise Policy issue and to tamper with the inquest into the death of the gentleman officer.”

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