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Afghan Students’ Prototype Ventilator Approved By Health Department

This week, the Herat Public Health department endorsed the initiative of Herat University students and approved the ventilator for use

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Omid Sobhani
Omid Sobhani
Omid Sobhani is a senior journalist at Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and the Transcontinental Times.

AFGHANISTAN. Herat: While many hospitals across Afghan cities suffer the lack of ventilators, a group of students at Herat University in northwestern Afghanistan created a ventilator amid the third wave of COVID-19.

The five members of the ‘Aria Top Tech’ robotic team at the Computer Science faculty of Herat university unveiled their oxygen generator in the province. But their ventilator device needed confirmation by the Health Department for official use.

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This week, the Herat Public Health department endorsed the initiative of Herat University students and approved the ventilator for use.

Besides verifying the ventilator, Abdul Hakim Tamanna, head of Herat Public health said, “Fortunately, ‎the device was based on the criteria of great purity and volume of oxygen after it was tested by the technical team of the health department. And it can be productive at the moment when people are in dire need of oxygen.”

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He added that the department is trying to receive the direct order of the ministry to start the manufacturing of this device in Herat.

Humayun Mohammadi, one of the members of the Ariya Top Tech robotic team at the computer science facility of Herat said the ventilator will produce two different oxygens. “Two patients can use the device simultaneously,” Muhammadi said.

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“The device can produce 15 liters of oxygen per minute.”

Photo Credit: Herat University

Meanwhile, the ATT robotic team of Herat students has also created a smart door to disinfect the COVID-19 virus and measure the temperature of a person last year. The door counts people, disinfects them, and measures their body temperature.

Last year, the Herat Girls Robotic team who had attended many International robotic competitions created a ventilator out of unused TOYOTA car parts which were welcomed by the UNICEF and Afghanistan Health Ministry.

Afghanistan is experiencing the third wave of Coronavirus that has had high hits for the past months. On Thursday, the Afghanistan health ministry recorded 1,940 new positive cases, and 86 deaths.

Many hospitals around Afghanistan complain of the lack of oxygen and beds. But officials say they will buy oxygen generator devices from foreign countries.

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On Thursday, Afghan doctors reported the first case of COVID-linked Black Fungus. Previously, they had reported the Delta variant of COVID-19 spreading as the new variant of Coronavirus to be rapidly spreading among Afghan citizens.

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) said that the Delta COVID-19 variant, first identified in India, is spreading rapidly in Afghanistan.


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