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After Twitter, Trump’s YouTube Account Suspended

Following the attack on the US Parliament, the business world has started boycotting 'deposed' President Donald Trump

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Rupali Kadam
Rupali Kadam
Journalism student

UNITED STATES: YouTube, one of the world’s leading information technology company has temporarily banned US President Donald Trump’s Youtube account. The video, which was uploaded to Trump’s channel, was taken down for promoting violence. “Against the backdrop of ongoing political violence, we have removed a new content (video) uploaded from Donald J. Trump’s channel. This content violates our policies,” a statement from YouTube said.

“New content can no longer be uploaded from this channel for at least seven days,” the company said in a statement. While still being a president, Trump cannot upload any videos through his YouTube channel. Interestingly, newly elected US President Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20, seven days later.

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Companies boycotting Trump

Following the attack on the US Parliament, the business world has started boycotting ‘deposed’ President Donald Trump. Many of the leading companies in the US, including e-commerce companies such as Stripe and Shopify, have decided to not provide any services to the companies associated with Trump.

Earlier this month, Trump’s account was suspended by Twitter. Along with Youtube, Facebook and Instagram have also shut down Trump’s account. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had previously said that allowing Trump to post anything could be dangerous.

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Stripe, an online payment service provider in the United States, has suspended all the transactions that are related to Trump. Stripe was earlier a part of Trump’s presidential election campaign. Meanwhile, Shopify and GoFundMe, an offline trading platform, have also distanced themselves from Trump. American media magazine Forbes has also warned the US companies to not hire employees who have past associations with Trump.

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