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Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu Turns Out to Be the Biggest Opener of 2022

Akshay Kumar in the movie essays the role of Dr. Aryan Kulshreshtha

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INDIA: Akshay Kumar starrer Ram Setu is currently streaming on big screens, receiving huge recognition from audiences around the globe.

The movie is a perfect blend of Indian history, mythology, and socio-political commentary. A well-crafted movie, reminding everyone of Nicholas Cage, who went on a globetrotting adventure to discover an ancient archaeological secret.

Recently, Madhya Pradesh home minister Narottam Mishra cleared all myths and misinterpretations related to the Ram Setu movie. He said, “Especially those who claimed Ram Setu, Ramayan, and Lord Ram to be figments of imagination will understand the truth after watching this movie.”

The minister added in appreciation, “The bridge was made by the people of that time. Engineers of that time had exemplary expertise and now the entire world will understand why this Ram Setu needs to be preserved. Everyone must watch the movie.”

Akshay Kumar in the movie essays the role of Dr Aryan Kulshreshtha, having long peppered grey hair and a beard. He is an Atheist, who is on a mission to disprove the reality of the Ram Setu, the bridge between India and Sri Lanka described in Valmiki’s Ramayana.

However, the story unfolds different aspects, which later made him release the truth. The story showcased how a believer in science refrained from keeping faith in the factual authenticity of religious belief but slowly understood the reality.

The stunning underwater sequences and graphics made the film more interesting and watchable.

However, it received a lot of criticism for showing childish animations, perhaps making it look more like a cartoon but the story stands taller.

Speaking about the box office collections, there is no doubt to say that this is Akshay Kumar’s biggest opening of the year Ram Setu has already collected Rs. 15.50 crores, surpassing Bachchhan Paandey’s opening day numbers, which were Rs. 13.25 crores.

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