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Amit Shah Asked Historians to Correct Past Distortions of Indian History

Amit Shah, asked researchers to write about 30 great Indian empires and 300 warriors

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INDIA: Union Home Minister Amit Shah, along with Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, paid respect to the general of the Ahom Kingdom (Situated in present day Assam), Lachit Barphukan, on his 400th birth anniversary.

Meanwhile, addressing the public rally, Shah made an entreaty to historians, asked them to rewrite history in the Indian context, and assured them of providing full support from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government.

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The Union Home Minister is also a student of history and thus feels that Indian history has been distorted and misinterpreted. 

He said, “I frequently hear that our history has been inaccurately presented. Maybe that is correct, but I ask you, who is preventing us from portraying history properly and gloriously?”

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India is rich in culture and history, but with time the narrative is being changed. Shah asked researchers to write about 30 great Indian empires and 300 warriors who fought bravely for the motherland. The minister also recalled how Veer Lachit Barphukan’s efforts helped the Northeast to be a part of India.

Amit Shah said many times he encountered errors in history, and some alleged it to be fake. So proper details are mandatory for proving the history right. Hence it needs a lot of backdrop research. 

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Shah said, “The lies will simply disappear when history will be rewritten, making efforts to correct the history.”

Adding more to his words, he said, “If we achieve this, the actual history of India will be established, and the lies will end spontaneously. We now have a government in India that supports any effort to showcase the glory of the country. We shall try to restore India’s glorious history.”

Meanwhile, Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma also explained, “Between 1204 and 1607, Muslim powers attacked Assam at least 22 times, but they were only able to prevail nine times, and those victories were also fleeting.”

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