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Amongst The Musculars: Zimbabwean Musician Declared A Liberation Hero

Soul Jah Love contributed to the rise and recognition of ghetto youth's voices through music in Zimbabwe.

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Tafadzwa Mwanengureni
Tafadzwa Mwanengureni
I am a student journalist at Harare Polytechnic majoring in print journalism

ZIMBABWE. Harare: Zimbabwean President, Emmerson Mnagagwa, on Thursday conferred the late Zimdancehall musician, Soul Jah Love with a national liberation hero status, two days after his death.

In one of his hit songs, “Pamamonya Ipapo” (against all odds) of 2017, the late Zimdancehall King Soul Musaka aka Soul Jah Love says that he positions himself among the muscular ones.

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The prophecy of the song reveals itself following his death as he has been granted hero status in a country with a strong liberation struggle history.

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Despite the Zimdancehall being the most contempt genre in the country as it associates with negative issues of drug abuse, obscenity, and violence, President Emmerson Mnangagwa conferred Soul Jah Love a liberation hero.

No-one of his age has ever witnessed and experienced war is referred to as a born-free generation in the country.

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Zimbabwe attained its independence 40 years ago while Soul Jah Love was born 8 years later.

Conferred hero status

In a statement, the ruling party ZANU PF Secretary for Administration wrote “His Excellency the President and First Secretary of ZANU PF and government has conferred a liberation hero status  to the late Cde Soul Muzavazi Musaka who passed away on February 16 at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital”

Who could ever think that the once homeless boy would be given such an honour?

He is the young and second musician without liberation struggle history to conferred hero status after Dr. Oliver Mutukudzi who died in 2019.

Acquiring hero status in Zimbabwe is mainly considered to those with liberation struggle background and most of the current heroes will be in the mid-fifties.

The Struggles

One of his chants “Conquering” can relate with his life telling that he was a conquerer as he went through life hardships that were more of a liberation struggle.

From being an orphan, diagnosed with diabetes, living in the streets after being evicted by her stepmother where became a drug addict, Soul Jah Love managed to break the music grounds and acquire a big brand in the industry.

Circumstances saw it at one time him embarrassed at a 2017 ZANU PF rally in Mutare where he was publicly labeled as “nonentity” and “indisciplined”.

Soul Jah Love contributed to the rise and recognition of ghetto youths’ voices through music in the country.

At one time his house was demolished among others by the City Council after it alleged that it was built on illegal land.

Heartbroken, he released a song titled ‘Pazai’ loosely commanding the council to continue demolishing.

However, artists have called for support whilst they are alive.

Artist call for support in the industry

Comedian and musician Freddy Manjalima affectionately known as Kapfupi wrote on Facebook, “it’s good and we thank these companies, banks, big organisations, and ministries who are paying tribute to Soul Jah Love, but we need your support and endorsements whilst we are still alive”.

“Look now he died before he finished building his house because he had no endorsements”, he continued about the new hero.

Soul Jah Love who died on February 16, recorded a song titled, “Ndichafa Riini” which was released on Friday.

In the song he  emotionally asking God when is he going to die.

Soul Jah Love will be laid at Harare Provincial Heroes Acre.


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