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Anu Bagal: If You Haven’t Found It Yet, Keep Looking. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!

Anu not only helps the employees to find the correct jobs fitting as per their career needs, but she also customizes the job searches to the best fitting employers and establishes a great personal rapport while dealing with the employees as well as employers with utter ease and professionalism

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

INDIA: Apart from something as massive as the CEO and Managing Director of AB Consulting, and the Co-founder of Le Amanah, Anu Singh Bagal has an array of skills to offer. She is into corporate training, stress management, and personality development. Anu also runs her own coaching classes in Delhi for Standard 5-10 students.

Anu grew up in the city of temples in North India – Jammu, she was brought up with the desire to learn, faith in God, and an aim to excel in everything she does. Anu says that since childhood she was taught to work for the betterment of society. She was always focused on her career and believed that ‘entrepreneurs’ should work hard to carve a niche for themselves and should build a career to become financially independent. Being a family person, she believes that entrepreneurial culture is almost like a big family, and the team that surrounds you will play a major role in your success.

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Anu believes that entrepreneurs think differently, they are natural-born problem solvers. They are unconventional thinkers, not limited by the constraints of the systems in place, they always challenge themselves to be open-minded and approach problems with a filter that is void of established tendencies and stigmas. Entrepreneurs are data-driven analysts, their ability to challenge commonly assumed principles or beliefs ushers in a completely new way of thinking. “With today’s resources and opportunities can certainly help entrepreneurs solve the world’s biggest challenges, nothing compares to the unique mindset shared by all entrepreneurs. We live in truly tumultuous times, the suspension of business operations nationwide has created an uncertain atmosphere. Entrepreneurial thinking acknowledges that uncertainty and accepts it as a necessary driver of progress. Big problems require big solutions. Entrepreneurs are driven by a “go big, go home” mentality in everything they do, and that is why entrepreneurial thinking is needed more today than ever before. Incremental change is not sufficient, they demand monumental change towards an audacious endgame,” said Anu about entrepreneurship with respect to global issues.

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When asked about entrepreneurship in the coming years, Anu says that entrepreneurs don’t see barriers and their interpretation of these obstacles is simply that there is a challenge that lies ahead, and they can solve it. “Entrepreneurs are helping create low-cost resources and business basics that anyone can pick up and apply. If we can educate people on entrepreneurship, we can help society develop the mindset and the desire to go out there and have a go, rather than stay in a state of helplessness. All entrepreneurship starts from a small seed of an idea that idea is any good then its success will be measured by how contagious it is.  By having entrepreneurs out in society disrupting business, we spread more ideas that challenge traditional thinking. Generating more philanthropy, upon achieving success, human nature begins to kick in,” Anu told Transcontinental Times.

Further, Anu gave some wise advice towards rising entrepreneurship, “We all have our own path to take, have our own journey to make, and we’ve all been down in the dumps before, wondering if what we’re doing is really worth it, and even wonder if what we’re doing is really making an impact. But it’s important that we’re always moving forward.”

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Lastly, Anu thinks that our time is limited, so we shouldn’t waste it by living someone else’s life. “No matter what happens, follow your heart, if you think being an Entrepreneur is in your blood do it, start your passion, ignite the fire in you, and eventually, you will succeed in the long run.”


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