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Ashok Chaudhary: ‘If You Are Passionate About Something, You Will Definitely Make It’

Niloy Chattaraj of Transcontinental Times interviews Indian Actor - Ashok Chaudhary

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

INDIA: This episode of Transcontinental Times’ 360-degrees Live Show features Television and Bollywood film actor, Ashok Chaudhary. His role as RAW agent Stalin in a recent movie Code Name Abdul (2020) drew immense appreciation.

Chaudhary comes from a small town in India, back then he knew only one language – Haryanvi. To accomplish big dreams, he moved to Delhi to study theatre, and later Goa. Chaudhary then tried for FTII and secured the fifth rank. He groomed himself with skills of martial arts, meditation, yoga, music, communication skills, reading and made himself equipped to be in theatre; the results of which paid off when he got into FTII after all attempts and rounds.

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First role in Chaudhary’s career

I got my first role before I went to FTII, which was for the serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki. When I moved to Bombay, a friend of mine was assisting some production houses under Ekta Kapoor, so with his help, I auditioned for this role, and I got in! It was my first role, so I was very nervous. But I had a great experience during those 2-3 months, Chaudhary told Transcontinental Times.

The struggles as a newcomer

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“You have to work on your craft every single day. It includes all small things, like I have a ritual of doing yoga and meditation every morning, then the emotional exercises, so that’s how you sustain,” in Chaudhary’s words.

It is very difficult for everyone I think, be it newcomers or those with connections in the industry. From the house to the casting agency, the journey is long, but if you have some connections then the struggle becomes a little easier. But a newcomer has a lot more to face, that is the nature of this industry, so if you are passionate you will definitely make it, Chaudhary communicated.

Code Name Abdul

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“While studying in New York, I came across this casting for a movie, I gave the audition and the director, Eshwar Gunturu liked me. But due to certain reasons, Eshwar couldn’t make that movie. Later he cast me for the lead role of his short film, Backup. Cut to the casting for Code Name Abdul, Eshwar told me he had a role for me and if I could audition for it. I auditioned for a couple of roles in that movie as he asked me to. And then Ishwar told me that definitely, I was a part of the movie, but he didn’t know which character I’d be good for. So the whole time I practised for both RAW agents, Johny and Ajay. But ironically I ended up playing the role of Stalin, so it was a thrilling ride, I didn’t know what was coming the next moment,” said Chaudhary on his experience of Code Name Abdul.

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