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Asle Toje Praises India’s Role in Russia-Ukraine War

Asle Toje also praised PM Modi's statement on Russia-Ukraine war

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INDIA: Asle Toje, a foreign policy scholar and member of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, recently came to India for a tour, where he interacted with the media.

In an interview with the media outlet, he praised PM Narendra Modi’s statement regarding the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

Foreign policy scholar Toje praised India

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The deputy leader of the Norwegian Nobel committee praised India and talked about the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. He added that India’s dedication and efforts in halting the global war are remarkable. He further acknowledged India’s legacy of peace.

Speaking to the media houses, Toje lauded the statement by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which goes as “this is not the era of war” and called it expressed optimism. He also added that India has made it clear that this is not the way to settle international problems in the modern era.

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He said “The conflict in Ukraine is tragic. It is necessary to put an end to this particular war. All states and goodwill nations should work to find a solution, and India’s intervention to alert Russia to the potential use of nuclear weapons was particularly beneficial in this regard.”

Toje commented on India’s comments during the Russia-Ukraine war. Toje said, “India’s intervention was highly beneficial in reminding Russia of the risks of using nuclear weapons.”

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The foreign leader said, “India did not use a loud voice or threaten anyone; they simply stated their views in a pleasant manner. More of that is required in international politics.”

Toje also said “I am not in India as Deputy leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, I am here as a Director of International peace and understanding and as a friend of India.”

Toje also talked about global peace. He added, “Let’s work together to promote world peace regardless of borders. No matter where you live in the globe, the great Mahatma Gandhi offered us all wisdom that is equally applicable. Be the change you want to see in the world. I went to India to learn in that spirit, and I learned a lot.”

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