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Avoid These Foods To Combat Bloating

Bloating is a result of our unbalanced diet and lifestyle, but making simple dietary changes can help curb bloating

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

Bloating is a common problem that causes swelling of the stomach due to the air trapped. It extends to an uneasy sensation in the stomach, painful cramps and burping. 

Bloating is a result of our unbalanced diet and lifestyle. This means bloating can be controlled by making some simple dietary changes – avoiding certain foods. 

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Oily, greasy and fatty foods are a part of our regular diet, but such foods add extra strain to the stomach, causes digestion issues and also increases the risk of heartburn. So cutting down the consumption of fatty foods becomes important. 

For one, beans are a super healthy food, but these can cause flatulence as they are high in sugar, oligosaccharides that the body is incapable of digesting. Gas is a byproduct of when our body is trying to digest these. If one frequently suffers from the problem of bloating then beans are best avoided. 

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We often binge on foods that are high in salt, but such foods encourage our body to hold onto fluids, which can result in bloating. Snack cravings can be curbed with a multigrain bar rather than a packet of chips, which is loaded with salt.

Wheat is the most common grain in our meals, but many people struggle to digest wheat. Frequent bloating after eating wheat-based products is an indication of celiac disease. So if wheat-based products like bread, cereals, pasta or biscuit make you feel bloated, then you may consider going gluten-free. Access to gluten-free products isn’t tough anymore as it has now become a viable option in the market. 

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It is a misconception that carbonated drinks can help combat bloating. On the contrary, carbonated drinks have a high amount of carbon dioxide, which means when you drink these beverages, you end up swallowing a large amount of this gas. Eventually, the gas gets trapped into the digestive system that can cause bloating and cramping. 

Even if the abovementioned foods make you feel bloated, you may want to consider upping your water intake. Not enough fluid in the body, your kidneys will alert your body to retain as much water as possible, which can lead to bloating.

Apart from this, eating your food slowly and chewing properly can ease digestion.


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