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Ayushmann Khurrana Starrer Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui: Hinged on Social Issues Devolved into a Hollow Piece of Awareness

Ayushmann Khurrana as the central character stands out from the rest of the cast

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: Manu aka Manvinder Munjal (Ayushmann Khurrana) a fitness freak not as the one today’s youngster claimed to be, owns a gym in Chandigarh due to his fervent interest in fitness. His business, like every other, has its ups and downs. Until he hires Maanvi Brar (Vaani Kapoor) as a Zumba instructor (or in Manu’s way ‘’Jhumba instructor’’). So according to Bollywood standards, soon love sparks between them. His plain fabric of blissful love life appears to be torn apart, as he is subjected to some secret revelation.

Abhishek Kapoor enters as a filmmaker; he has helmed films such as Kedarnath (2018), Kai Po Che! (2013), Fitoor (2016), and others, all of which garnered mixed reviews from critics as well as the audience. Kai Po Che! received positive reviews from critics, while Kedarnath performed well at the box office. So it’s fine to remark that his direction isn’t ideal for Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui, but it works.

A Technically sound movie with Ayushmann’s decent character portrayal

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A film works well if it does not use any bizarre camera tricks or, in the case of comedies, no forced gags to make the audience laugh. The technical features of this picture are excellent. It doesn’t come across as cheap in any way. The film’s tone is kept as vibrant as possible, which is customary for this genre.

Characters that are well-written pervade the predictable plot. Even though the majority of the plot is revealed in the trailers, the character development is done in such a way that the audience is held captive until the end of the film. The film also avoids becoming preachy at any time, instead of giving the audience a general picture of what it intends to impart.

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Ayushmann as the central character stands out from the rest of the cast. Ayushmann’s character Manu may appear to be a macho man with ripped muscles on the surface, but he is the most decent person on the inside. After Maanvi’s secret is uncovered, he becomes enraged and disturbed, yet he never disrespects her. If one of manu’s (Ayushmann Khurrana) friends says anything negative about Maanvi, he not only scolds but also beats them.

What could have been improved?

Vaani Kapoor has such a vital role in the film, yet her acting falls flat from a character standpoint, and her portrayal at times becomes expressionless, which weakens the plot. As a result, instead of Vaani Kapoor, a real trans actor should have portrayed the role, which might’ve had a greater impact on the narrative that the filmmakers wished to express. Such casting might render it easier for the audience to experience realism.

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Since the plot of the film is so predictable, it’s easy to guess what situations the characters will confront and how the movie will conclude. It’s a major problem with most Bollywood films, and it’s made worse when trailers contain the majority of the spoilers. The secret of Maanvi could have been kept hidden in the trailer, which might have worked as a proper twist in the film, but instead, the plot is ruined horribly for marketing strategy.

The film does not delve deeply into the narrative, which is fine for a family film. However, the movie which depicts such issues must be properly released with an Adult classification, allowing the film to openly explore the topics that it portrays.


This technically proficient narrative with well-written characters is a good fit for the particular topic, however, it has a predictable plot and monotonous character portrayal of Vaani Kapoor that works as an empty element of consciousness in several ways.

Transcontinental Times ratings: 2.7/5

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