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Bangladesh’s Ferry Catastrophe Leaves 25 Dead

The boat was packed with Hindu worshippers when it sank on Sunday

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BANGLADESH: The deadliest waterway catastrophe to strike Bangladesh in more than a year left at least 25 people dead and many more missing, according to a local official. The boat was packed with Hindu worshippers when it sank on Sunday.

According to Jahurul Islam, the district administrator of northern Panchagarh, where the disaster took place, the remains that have been discovered so far consisted of 12 women and eight children.

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He added that the ferry was mostly transporting worshippers to a Hindu shrine in honour of Mahalaya and stated that the search for the missing was still ongoing.

Although passengers claimed there were more than 70 people on the boat when it sank in the Karatoya River, Islam claimed to not be aware of the precise number of those still missing.

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According to him, a committee has been established to look into the matter. According to the police, nearly 20 individuals are still unaccounted for, while others of the passengers were able to swim ashore or were saved.

In Bangladesh, a low-lying nation with numerous inland waterways and insufficient safety regulations, hundreds of people perish in boat accidents every year.

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A cargo ship and an overcrowded ferry collided and sank on the Shitalakhsya River outside the capital Dhaka in April of last year, resulting in at least 34 fatalities.

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