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The Batman: The Deleted Scene Reveals Barry Keoghan as the Youngest Iteration of the Joker

Barry Keoghan's appearance is revealed through the glass that entirely blurs his face

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: The deleted scene from the Batman film starring Barry Keoghan as Joker has been officially released. Matt Reeves’ rendition of the Cape Crusader has a three-hour run duration, making it the longest Batman film ever made. As a result, the famous Joker scene was deleted from the movie.


It’s been two years since Bruce Wayne became Gotham’s dark knight, whose sole desire is to rid the city of criminals. His persona as Batman frightens the vindictive goons. The narrative transitions when the Riddler begins to murder Gotham’s famous personals one by one, and each victim carries a cryptic clue to the subsequent murder. This pits Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon against the enigmatic Riddler’s serial killings. Struck by the cryptic clue and the heinous methods of the Riddler’s crime, it’s up to Batman to end the Riddler’s anarchist mindset.

Batman meets Joker (Barry Keoghan) in Arkham

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In an interview with Collider, Matt Reeves mentioned, the scene would have taken place when Batman is trying to figure out who The Riddler is, or who he may be, as it binds him to someone familiar and infamous in the serial killings, which connects him to the Joker. He then heads to Arkham to visit the Joker to gain insight into the serial killings.

Barry Keoghan’s Joker look isn’t showcased in the deleted segment of the 5 minutes and 16 seconds. The scars, the fuzzy sparse hairs on the heads, and the bizarre dental alignment confirm the recent traits that produce a terrible sensation. This may be the youngest version of the Joker ever depicted in a live-action film.

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Keoghan’s appearance is revealed through the glass that entirely blurs his face, showing a full sight of the clown prince of crime for the film’s impending sequel. He has a sinister and terrifying appearance that is the epitome of Erie and craziness.

The Joker’s mentality and intelligence are also reflected in the deleted scene. He’s the only person in Gotham who fully comprehends Batman at a tremendously high level. The Joker’s intelligence is verified by the fact that when Batman sends him specific files with a paper clip, the clip is not visible in the files when he returns them, implying that he is utilizing it to escape Arkham.

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The scene in the film would have been excellent for the storyline, but it may have overshadowed the Riddler’s arc. The Keoghan’s brief presence gave viewers instant goosebumps, potentially diverting attention away from the significant nemesis, the Riddler. It’s a good thing the sequence was cut since it would have entirely diverted the audience’s attention away from the Riddler.

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