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Bihar Police Arrested the Top Maoist Behind the ‘Agnipath’ Protest

The alleged Maoist is a PhD holder in English from a Bhagalpur college

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INDIA.Bihar: Protest against the centre’s Agnipath Defence Scheme is catching high flames across the country, while Bihar is roaring in opposition to the scheme. More than 10 trains were set ablaze during the dissent on June 18.

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Lakhisarai police have claimed to get hold of the lead Maoist who set the trains on fire. A police officer stated, “The Maoist, a local of Banka, was staying at a rented home in Lakhisarai together with different suspects for the previous three years. He was caught by the police after an entry from the particular intelligence bureau of Telangana.”

The alleged Maoist is a PhD holder in English from a Bhagalpur college, highly educated and reformed. The name is confirmed as Manshyam Das. He often influenced college students with his words and he did the same during the protest, confirmed by the Lakhisarai ASP Syed Imran Masood.

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The ASP said, “One of many professors of the Bhagalpur college has additionally come underneath our radar as he additionally provoked job aspirants who had been concerned within the protests. It’s nothing new for the Maoists to try to draw agitated and disgruntled parts to hold on to their agenda.”

An officer stated, “Manashyam Das was assisting Maoists for years by staying in Lakhisarai city, in direct contact with the top leaders of Naxalite organisations in the state of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Telangana. Many suspicious items including mobile, Maoist literature were found in his room.”

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Adding more information he said, “Manshyam used to go to the forests to meet Maoist leaders. It has also come to light in the investigation that half a dozen leaders of the city also have connections with him.”

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