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Brahmastra: Mass Petition Signed, Demanding Shah Rukh Khan’s Spinoff

King Khan’s fans initiated a mass petition on change.org, seeking a spin-off to be made only by featuring him in the lead

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INDIA: Brahmastra-part one Shiva is breaking all records at the box office with the magic it delivered on screen. In the meantime, when Bollywood is struggling to perform well on the silver screen, this Ayan Mukerji directorial sci-fi-spiritual fantasy movie has opened the doors of Bollywood.

Cinephiles are astonished by how well each actor plays their respective roles in the film, and each character also does an outstanding job. The “show-stealer” is, in particular, Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo appearance as scientist Mohan Bhargav.

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On social media, an anonymous person wrote, “Because why not? His screen presence lit up the hall, and his backstory deserves a movie of its own.” The 20 minutes screen presence of Shah Rukh Khan made people jump off their seats, exhilarating joy and positivity in the theatre.

The trilogy film has just dropped the first part, and fans took it away with astonishment; it’s expected that the upcoming two parts will spell-bounded everyone. Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan’s fans initiated a mass petition on change.org, seeking a spin-off to be made only by featuring him in the lead.

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The part of Brahmastra loosened the curtains of the movie with the introductory scene of Shah Rukh Khan delivering the role of a Delhi-based scientist as Mohan Bhargav, who is bestowed with the power of Vanar Astra; in an early phase, his role came to an end with the continuation of the movie.

The heroic role of Ranbir surrounds the entire movie as Shiva alongside his lady love, Alia, as Isha. The presence of Nagarjuna as Ajay Vashisht is the cherry on the top of the cake; though his role was short, he made his presence count.

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In part one of the mega project, fans are blown away by the spectacular role of Junoon as Moni Roy. The Naagin fame actor essayed the role of an antagonist, who owns negative power to destroy the university forcibly. However, with the movie’s end, her role ended, leaving behind suspense and thrill, which will be further continued in the upcoming sequels.

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