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BTS Turns 10: Members of the K-pop Group Pens Heartfelt Notes

The event sparked an outpouring of joy and affection from their huge fan base, known as the BTS army

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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SOUTH KOREA: The global sensation, K-pop band BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, turns 10 today, on June 13.

To celebrate the significant occasion, BTS members RM, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, V, Jungkook, and Jimin gathered together to cut a magnificent lavender cake, a colour closely related to the band. The images of the band members carrying the cake swiftly went viral after surfacing online, further fueling a frenzy among their fans.

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The event sparked an outpouring of joy and affection from their huge fan base, known as the BTS army, who took to their social platforms to show their adoration.

Beginning on Monday night, the purple hue will be cast upon a number of Seoul landmarks, including City Hall, the 123-story Lotte World Tower, multiple Han River bridges, and the futuristic DDP, a Zaha Hadid-designed aluminium and concrete dome regularly utilised for visual art, as per the city officials and the group’s management company, Hybe.

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The celebrations, which will last for around two weeks, are expected to increase tourism, according to officials in Seoul. The city has designated over a dozen locations associated with BTS, such as venues where the group gave important performances or where some of their well-known videos were shot.

Messages praising BTS were shown on screens in buildings throughout Seoul, while postal authorities issued stamps marking the BTS anniversary, which will be available at the post offices from Tuesday.

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On Saturday evening, fireworks are planned at a park along the Han River. This comes after one of the BTS singers, RM, held a live chat with fans that would be streamed online.

Companies like S-Oil, Lotte Shopping, Hyundai Department Store, and Lotte Cinema have all created special deals or occasions.

Fans of BTS gathered on Monday in the heart of Seoul, the city of South Korea, to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the band’s debut.

Member’s emotional letters 

BTS leader RM, aka Kim Namjoon, who has often shared his feelings through letters for his army, has penned an emotional letter today, looking back through the years.

“It’s a really special thing to be enchanted by certain words. Until a noun becomes a pronoun, when BTS becomes BTS, and when ARMY becomes ARMY…There was a lot of rai,d wind, and love. We built our own world that no one could possibly understand,” reads RM’s letter, as per media reports.

“Thanks to the ARMYs and so many people who helped us, I was able to experience something special that I won’t be able to experience again. Looking back, I became used to kicking open the door and leaving after being absorbed in reminiscing briefly. Even now, I’m still imagining our part 2. It feels like it can be anything,” his letter read.

Meanwhile, Jimin spoke about the unwavering dedication required for the army to support BTS in all of its endeavours. His letter reads, “I’ve told you ARMYs a few times already; it’s not easy to support and love someone and give them strength for no particular reason,” as per US-based media.

“That is why I am able to understand how happy we are. You, who made us feel this way, should feel overflowing happiness and receive love. You must. Understand? ARMY, whom I am always thankful to and love, Let’s be happy for a long, long time,” his letter further reads.

J-Hope also posted a message on WeVerse and the BTS Twitter account as he is now serving in the Korean military. According to a media portal, the message reads, “ARMYs, you’re all doing well, right??”

The message reads, according to a media portal, “About now, I’m probably in an extremely nervous state with my military discipline!! In a sort of ‘scheduled text message’ vibe… To comfort all of you going through this Hobi-less time, I will send my greetings through letters on special days like this, even though it’s short!!”

“Thank you for teaching us a little, or maybe even too much, about happiness and love. I want to keep walking with you all for the next 10 years as well,” Jungkook wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

About BTS

The supergroup, BTS, made its debut in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment with the release of the single album ‘2 Cool 4 Skool.’ Since then, they have dominated the music scene, enthralling audiences everywhere with their skills, vigour, and meaningful songs. 

As the group enters a temporary hiatus, individual members have been releasing solo music, while others have started performing their necessary military obligations.

Two of the BTS members, Jin and J-hope, have already begun their mandated 18-month military service, and the remaining members are to follow in the upcoming months, which likely means that the group will reconvene around 2025.

Following their debut, BTS quickly gained enormous fan bases around Asia. However, it wasn’t until their 2020 megahit “Dynamite,” the group’s first entirely English song that made them the first K-pop artist to top Billboard’s Hot 100, that their fame began to spread internationally. BTS has now performed in sold-out arenas all over the world and has been invited to speak at UN meetings with the help of a large global fanbase known as the “Army.”

In the past 10 years, the members have shed ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ and stayed “bulletproof” as they are together and will remain so.

Happy 10th anniversary, BTS! Thank you for all the memories.

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