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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Reduction Of Methane Emission Will Prevent 260,000 Premature Deaths

NIGERIA: A 45 per cent reduction of methane emissions would prevent 260,000 premature deaths, 775,000 asthma-related hospital visits, 73 billion hours of...

G20 Tourism Ministers’ Meeting

ITALY: The G20 Ministers of Tourism and representative of international organisations recently gathered virtually to examine measures steering the recovery of the sector. Italian...

Nacho Garcia Pedraza: Eco-Social Transition of Societies Starts Local

SPAIN: Successive local and global crises show the inefficiency of traditional and static hierarchies and push ahead humility as a new type of leadership....

Astrology: The Sun Signs (Rashi), Their Lordships, And Trikonas (Part IV)

INDIA. Mumbai: In the last article, it is observed that when a native's horoscope is being studied by a practicing astrologer(Jyotishi), one finds that he...

Sustainable Art: Nike And Footshop Bring The Future To Light In Czechia

CZECHIA: The Prague-based Canadian artist David Strauzz recently painted the "We Share The Same Future" ecological mural on the UNIQ Tesla building in Holešovice, Prague. Under the...

Wayne LaPierre Condemned For Shooting An Elephant

Filmed by the NRA-sponsored television series Under Wild Skies in 2013 and not released until now, the video shows Wayne LaPierre and his wife on a hunt in Botswana. Photo Credit: Twitter

Brazilian President Cuts Environment Budget Despite Vow To Boost The Sector

The environmental policies of President Jair Bolsonaro, who is supported by powerful agribusiness leaders, have drawn widespread condemnation. Photo Credit: Twitter

The Reward For His Social Work Are The Smiles That Dhamlesh Serves

Dhamlesh Sangode is a social activist, fighting for human rights with his NGO, Hitenju in Maharashtra, India. Photo Credit: Dhamlesh Sangode

An Idea From Mangaluru That Grows Masks Into Trees

Nitin Vas's dream is to build a Paper Seed village with a larger workshop. Photo Credit: Twitter

Governments Urged To Increase Enforcement Of Ban On Single Use Of Plastics

KENYA. Nairobi: Governments across the world have been urged to adopt and increase the  enforcement of bans on single-use plastics and encourage reduction, recycling...

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