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China Reports the First Human Fatality from H3N8 Bird Flu, According to WHO

In China, sporadic infections in people with bird flu are quite prevalent

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CHINA: The H3N8 avian influenza virus, which is rare in humans and does not appear to spread between people, has claimed the life of a 56-year-old Chinese lady, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The first two cases were published last year, and there have been no more cases outside of China.

The Guangdong Provincial Centre for Disease Control and Prevention announced the third infection of bird flu in China, with the patient having a history of exposure to live poultry and other underlying illnesses. In China, sporadic infections in people with bird flu are quite prevalent.

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The woman who visited a wet market before becoming ill tested positive for influenza A(H3), according to the WHO, suggesting that this may have been the site of infection. H3N8 is widespread in birds and mammals, and none of the afflicted woman’s close connections had any additional instances.

Since the virus cannot easily spread from person to person, there is very little chance that it will spread among humans. However, monitoring all avian influenza viruses is essential due to their potential to develop into pandemics.

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The WHO has confirmed that two patients from the previous year had a significant disease, but one only had a minor one. The virus was most likely spread in both cases by direct or indirect contact with infected animals. The risk of this virus spreading among humans is minimal, as it does not have the ability to spread easily from person to person. 

Identification of virological, epidemiological, and clinical alterations connected to circulating influenza viruses that may harm human or animal health requires global surveillance.

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Bird flu is caused by direct or indirect contact with infected living or dead poultry, contaminated settings, or both, and can cause illnesses ranging from conjunctivitis to severe respiratory illness.

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