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Chris Pratt Starrer ‘Tomorrow War’ Movie Review

The Tomorrow War: A simple narrative about time travel and aliens.

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: Tomorrow War, a world full of unknown holds the monstrosity within, when unleashed devours humanity.

The story centers on Dan Forester (Chris Pratt), a biology instructor and former military solider, who is unable to secure employment at a famous research institution in December 2022. Soldiers from the year 2051 appear to warn that humanity is on the verge of annihilation due to alien invaders known as the White spikes while watching the World Cup. As a result, members of the world’s militaries are sent into the future, but only 20% of them survived, precipitating a global crisis.

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 The world of Tomorrow War is beautifully pen downed with a few flaws. The alien species of unknown origin called white spikes haunts the future. The gore and bloodshed cover the entire world with eradicating most of the human life. The futuristic aspect and the military narrative act as a savior from the threat quietly approaching. Besides the main story, the world further expands towards the drawbacks of future war. The riots of civilized people acting as anti-war supporters fill the gap of realism. 

The main plot also focuses on the deep-rooted family values, and not as demonizing the moral structure. The relationship between father and son, as well as father and daughter, is nicely depicted. A parent’s willingness to put his life on the line for his children is admirable.

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The white spikes acting as complete monster species with highly breeding capacity are not portrayed as some ethical creature to survive on earth, which is affirmative to the non-complex storyline. This doesn’t complicate the viewers to choose a side between humans and aliens, and not representing the cliché plot of humans as a demon. 

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 The character in Tomorrow War completely suits the story. Dan forester’s main lead of the plot act as a connecting link between the present and the future storyline. His military aspects help him a lot in future warfare. The audience becomes quite moved as a result of his affection for his daughter. Colonel Muri Forester, Dan’s adult daughter, and a military scientist are played by Yvonne Strahovski, who is a strong female lead. Her character arc plays a key role in the progression of the story. James Forester, Dan’s father, is played by J. K. Simmons, a Vietnam veteran, and anti-government survivalist. Emmy Forester, Dan’s wife, and a therapist for returning draftees are played by Betty Gilpin. Charlie, a draftee with a Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, is played by Sam Richardson. Dorian, a cancer-stricken draftee on his third tour of duty, is played by Edwin Hodge.

The background music enhances the action sequence. Which perfectly justifies the American military science fiction narrative. Few plot holes and irrelevant arcs deviates the audience from the movie but its amazing action sequences and straightforward storyline engages the viewer. Perfectly suited to its title the story sets a strong military narrative against the horror of the far set future. With its sequences, the story foreshadows the upcoming events yet to cause havoc. The war which is to be fought in the future executes an interesting sci-fi plot.  

 This futuristic warfare filled with gory aliens and talented cast is not suited for critics but a must-watch for the mass audience.


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