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Civil Rights And Freedoms At Critical Risk Due To Bill 22

Psychiatry Attempting to Cash -in on Children's Drug Problems

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CANADA, Vancouver, British Columbia. The Citizens Commission on Human Rights of British Columbia has decried and strenuously opposed the Bill 22 proposal, which would allow the involuntary commitment of young people into the hands of psychiatry, calling it a direct human rights violation and an attempt by the psychiatric industry to cash-in through this unwarranted action.

The obvious threat is that vulnerable youth will not seek treatment for overdose as they will not want to be effectively locked up for a week or more in a psych facility, not to mention the mind damage that is induced by psychiatry’s drugs. They need counselling be able to get into treatment centers willingly with the support of other family members.

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Forced incarceration does not have any curative elements, as evidenced by the numbers of individuals who go out and commit more serious crimes after being confined and drugged in a psychiatric facility. The only benefit is to the psychiatric industry in terms of more lucre.

As the Chief Coroner, Lisa Lapointe said, “This bill will lead to increased fatalities with youth afraid to seek help. The money needs to be spent on voluntary treatment centres, and,”safe spaces to recover from substance abuse.”

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The Citizens Commission on Human Rights has long depicted the field of psychiatry as a money-grubbing industry dedicated to making a profit at the expense of the mental health of their own patients and that the Bill 22 is simply more evidence of this fact.

Brian Beaumont, president of CCHR said “We do not want to add more individuals, through involuntary commitment, to the 20 million children that are now already wearing psychiatric labels that are based solely on a checklist of behaviours. There are no brain scans, x-rays, genetic or blood tests that can prove the scientific validity of any of the psychiatric labels, yet children are prescribed dangerous drugs.

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The psychiatric industry spends billions of dollars a year in order to convince the public, legislators and the press that labels such as Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights was formed by the Church of Scientology to inspect and disclose psychiatric violations of human rights.


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