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Poll Indicates Spain’s Conservative PP Party Gains Momentum prior to National Election

The poll predicted that the People's Party would win 140–143 seats

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SPAIN: El Mundo’s survey suggests the Conservative People’s Party of Spain (PP) is likely to gain the most seats in the lower house of parliament in the next national election. The survey shows that the PP is marching ahead of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE, as per pollster Sigma Dos.

The poll predicted that the People’s Party would win 140–143 seats in the 350-member lower house, an increase over the 140 predicted by the last survey conducted between June 16 and 23.

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In contrast to the 102 seats predicted by the previous survey, it indicated that the PSOE would win between 102 and 105 seats.

The far-left alliance Sumar, which is joining forces with the current junior coalition partner Podemos to run in the election, would receive between 31 and 33 seats, down from 35 seats in the previous elections.

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The extreme right-wing Vox party, the PP’s most likely post-election ally, would receive 34-36 seats, up from 35 seats earlier.

With the parties holding up to 179 seats, which is more than the 176 required, a coalition of Vox and the PP is likely to be able to win an absolute majority.

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After Sanchez’s party and Podemos fared poorly in the regional and municipal elections, he scheduled a sudden emergency election on May 29. Taking the party’s helm and vying for the position of prime minister, according to Sanchez.

Given the likelihood that none of the two major parties will win an absolute majority, the election is shaping up to be an ideological struggle between those who are opposed to a government that would include Vox and those who are opposed to the present minority coalition, which includes the far-left Podemos.

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