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CryptoZoo Scam: Logan Paul Faces Backlash on Discord and YouTube after Coffeezilla’s Investigation

Logan Paul has been under fire for his role in the CryptoZoo scandal

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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UNITED STATES: Logan Paul, an American YouTuber, has come under fire for his non-fungible token (NFT) gaming project, which turned out to be a major scam in which users lost millions of dollars. 

Since then, the YouTuber has responded to these allegations by stating that he is willing to discuss the matter with Coffeezilla and provide a response.

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Paul shared a message he had sent to Coffeezilla, who goes by the name Stephen Findeisen, to discuss the issues with CryptoZoo. 

Paul stated that neither Coffeezilla nor his invitation to join the Impaulsive YouTube channel ever received a response.

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American YouTuber Stephen Findeisen is better known by his online alias Coffeezilla. He is well-known for his videos, in which he mainly discusses various online scams, particularly those involving cryptocurrency, Web3, and decentralised finance.

Coffeezilla refuted Paul’s claims through his Twitter account

Paul also promised to “start 2023 with a bang” in a message to the CryptoZoo Discord community. However, the community criticised him for the project’s failure to fulfil its promises, so his Discord message lasted only a short time.

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The CryptoZoo Discord community’s responses indicated they would not tolerate his arguments. The people addressed why he had deserted them for a year and just returned after the report made by Coffeezilla.

Surprisingly, some users said they would invest in the project and reap immediate benefits.

CryptoZoo is a Pokémon-inspired play-to-earn NFT gaming project. ZOO tokens are earned by collecting, trading, and breeding animals on this platform. The floor price of CryptoZoo NFTs on the OpenSea NFT marketplace is 0.285 ETH.

This NFT game was heavily promoted by Paul. He called it a “really fun game that makes you money” in his description.

Coffeezilla’s expose, on the other hand, revealed that Paul never paid the game’s creators, which halted further development. In addition, the developers stalled the release of the finished product.

Jake the Crypto King, for example, was the subject of further investigation by Coffezilla. This crypto king recently had his Twitter account suspended.

Eddie Ibanez, the game’s lead developer, allegedly lied about working with the CIA and faked his MIT credentials. 

Coffeezilla also pointed out that Paul still needs to provide the email in which he initially invited him to his show. He also said he would talk about the situation on his show or over a live stream.

The CryptoZoo website recently informed the users that they should prepare for downtime as the game’s core infrastructure and upgrades are in progress. 

At the current prices, CryptoZoo NFTs have a base price of 0.285 ETH, or approximately $340.

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