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Decline in Summer Rainfall Observed in UAE, Raising Concerns amidst Climate Patterns

The forecast for the next five days in the UAE predicts sunny and partly cloudy weather

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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Representatives from the meteorological department in the UAE have observed a gradual decrease in rainfall throughout the summer season. While the UAE typically experiences some summer rains due to modest monsoon pressure from India, these occurrences have been diminishing over time.

Dr. Ahmed Habib from the National Centre of Meteorology stated that this year’s summer rainfall is lower than the previous year, likely due to reduced precipitation, possibly influenced by global warming. Understanding this change and its correlation with pressure systems and other factors is crucial for further analysis.

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The forecast for the next five days in the UAE predicts sunny and partly cloudy weather, with potential rain showers in certain regions. Coastal areas, especially in Fujairah, may experience low clouds and some rain, particularly on Tuesday. Temperatures have been within normal ranges since the end of July, but the humidity makes the weather feel hotter.

Cloud seeding operations were carried out in the Al Ain region on Sunday, which could potentially lead to rain.

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In the context of global climate concerns, the UAE is preparing to host COP28, the UN climate change summit, in November. World leaders will convene to set goals in combating global temperature rise. Meanwhile, other parts of the world are facing climate-related challenges, such as the recent wildfires in Greece and the impacts of climate change on Chad, leading to droughts, flooding, and potential displacement of millions of people.

Today, the east coast of the UAE may experience partly overcast weather due to low clouds. In the afternoon, cumulus clouds may develop and cause light rain. Winds are expected to be light to moderate, with small waves in the Sea of Oman and Arabian Gulf. Temperatures in Abu Dhabi and Dubai may reach 48°C and 43°C, respectively.

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