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Dhanteras 2022: Significance, Date and Timing 

This day is favourable for buying new utilities, pieces of jewellery, and vehicles

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INDIA: Dhanteras is also known as Dhanavantri Trayodashi and Dhanatrayodashi, which officially marks the beginning of Diwali celebrations across various countries. Dhanteras is dedicated to the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, Maa Laxmi.

The auspicious day falls on the 13th lunar day (Trayodashi Tithi) of Krishna Paksha. Every Hindu family lights up their houses with Deepak (soil lamp), fairy lights, and some decorate their houses with rangoli (coloured sand powder). This day is favourable for buying new utilities, pieces of jewellery, and vehicles.

According to Drik Panchang, this year the special day commenced on October 22 and continued until the next day. The timings for offering puja are between 07.02 pm and 08.18 pm.

This day holds a special significance in Hindu belief as they believe that Goddess Lakshmi derived from the Celestial sea during the ‘Samudra Manthan’, churning and holding a pot of gold, symbolising wealth.

She is worshipped alongside Lord Kuber (the Lord of wealth). Moreover, it also says that Lord Kuber is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Maa Laxmi is his wife.

Hindus worship Maa Laxmi and Lord Ganesha together, offer them prayers, and seek blessings from them for their family’s opulence.

As per Hindu texts, many linked Dhanteras to the medicinal Lord Dhanvantri, while others spent their time worshipping Lord Yamaraj and Goddess Lakshmi. Ancient Hindu mythological books say that Lord Dhanvantri was a doctor to all the Hindu gods.

Apart from this, daughters and daughters-in-law are referred to as Goddess Lakshmi in Hindu families.

Dhanteras comes one day prior to Diwali, and it’s a beautiful blend of mythology, joy, worship, and festivity.

People in India dress up in ethnic wear like Kurta Pyjamas, saris, lehengas, and suit salwar to celebrate the festival with their families.

The day is incomplete without taking blessings from the elderly people and sharing love, happiness and togetherness.

It is also said that the Hindu Lord Ram defended Raavan and won glory over the negativity when he came back from his fourteen-year-long forest imprisonment.

The entire kingdom welcomed him by lighting up the Diyas as Diwali falls in the dark fortnight. Darkness is considered negativity, so to shed light and positivity, the day is celebrated with lights and blessings. Many people even break crackers on this day to cherish the prolonged joy of the festival.

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