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Dhiraj Lakde: ‘If You Have Decided to Give to a Social Cause, Then Work Selflessly’

What started with organizing a blood camp five years ago, has today become full fledged social activism for Dhiraj Lakde

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

INDIA: Dhiraj Sheshrao Lakde from Warora, Maharashtra has been doing social work for the last 5 years now. He started with a blood camp 5 years ago when Chandrapur Government Hospital had a very poor blood condition. 

After the successful blood camp, Lakde was driven to work for the poor, orphans and disabled. 

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During the tough times of COVID-19, Lakde provided meals, ration kits, beds, essentials as well as employment in the field to the labourers who were facing a humanitarian crisis due to the lockdown.

Inspiration for social activism

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Lakde owes it all to Sindhutai Sapkal. Being a witness to the great achievements of the crippled children adopted by Sindhutai Sakpal, was a big motivating factor for Lakde. 

“Sindhutai Sapkal has done a great job by adopting all these crippled children and providing them education, raising them from small to big; today have become a PST, IAS, IAS, Collector or Tehsildar,” said Lakde.

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Lakde further talks of Baba Amte as his driving force.

Indian freedom fighter, social activist Dr Muralidhar Devidashal Amte is known all over the world (Baba Amte) for his noble work. He started an ashram for leprosy at Anandvan. He also does social and economic rehabilitation through his organization. 

“In reality, I got to experience all these things. And with that inspiration, I continued my work,” said Lakde.

When talking about rural areas, Ladke said the problem is that big power plants, small and big companies are being set up on their farms. So eventually the rate of tree felling has increased; cutting down trees and building big malls and offices. Water scarcity, oxygen depletion in the near future is not surprising. Water scarcity is still a problem in many parts of the country. There is no clean drinking water in some areas. Farmers toil in the farms only to drink muddy water. However, with resect to education, Maharashtra has been doing fairly good, with the help of institutions and scholarships children have access to education.

Social work and the impact in coming years

In the time to come, inflation like always will make the rich richer and the poor, poorer, said Lakde. Our country is an agricultural country, so the peasantry despite their hard work end up suffering poverty. With the help of social activism providing such people opportunities through organizations can help them get stable jobs. We will try to solve the problems of the people by implementing various initiatives. The middle-class and the poor will definitely get the services that are not available in government hospitals because we are working hard to get justice. Going forward, no patient should be inconvenienced. 

Word of advise

“Doing social work is not an easy task. Today I have reached this level after facing difficulties for the last 5 years and today my work is getting preference due to my struggle. But one thing is for sure, it will cost you money, so first stand on your own feet. In the beginning, you are bound to face multiple problems, not just financially. But if you have decided to give to a social cause, then work selflessly. Keep in mind your idol, then work. Let good thoughts and positive energy flow,” advised Lakde to the aspiring activists.

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