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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Is More Than Just a Dalit Hero, Says Youth Congress Spokesperson Amar Gondane

In an interview with Transcontinental Times, Gondane talked about the influence of visionary leaders in his life, the importance of media and many other things

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INDIA: The latest episode of Transcontinental Times’ 360° Live Talk Show featured Youth Congress spokeperson Amar Gondane. He is a social activist and the Maharashtra Youth Congress’ “firebrand” speaker. His persona holds more than just social activism; he has a story to tell and an ideology to promote that has a unique perspective on India’s socio-political situation.

The impact of the visionary leaders on Amar’s journey

Amar’s story is ordinary, much like that of every country lad in Maharashtra’s Wardha district, who holds something that is spiced up by his struggle, which makes his story extraordinary.

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As he explains it, India’s current state is so bad that it needs to be recounted through the history of visionary leaders such as Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Sant Kabir, and Sant Gadge Maharaj. So, before embarking on his life journey, he wants all Indians to immerse themselves in the journeys of such leaders, even if it has been told a thousand times.

Diving into the history, Amar quotes, “According to Babasaheb, the one who forgets history does not become history. That is why I believe that history must be rediscovered numerous times. However, let’s ask who is our Indian hero of the mass revolution. There can only be one answer: Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar because the kind of revolution he brought about by liberating the socially oppressed is extraordinary.”

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In homage to the Indian hero of the mass movement, he adds that Babasaheb is not just a Dalit hero; his incredible journey also involves the fight for the rights of the OBC (Other Backward Classes).

“I think people have limited him to merely being a Dalit leader, but he has done more than that; before seeking Dalit reservation, he fought for OBC reservation; thus, I want every individual belonging to the OBC community to hear this message,” says Amar explicitly.

Various aspects of the media have a prominent influence in portraying the truth

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Dreams are strange things; some opine that they are an afterlife phenomenon, while others concede it as the brain theory, but only the person who sees them as the primary goal of life may do something exceptional. Amar did the same thing, crossing borders to go deep into the questionnaire while surrounded by the commotion of urban mayhem. He intended to render a variation, starting with his Vidarbha Student Association, which assists economically marginalized children with their studies.

Aside from these events, Youth Congress broadened his socio-political perspective, allowing him to stand out against injustice. He also distinguishes between media as one with truth and another with a false narrative.

“There are some people in the media, such as Ravish Kumar, who endeavour to spotlight the issues like unemployment and inflation. Still, another part of the media endorses the government, known as Godi Media, which tries to suppress all matters raised and cover them through an India-Pakistan narrative and a Hindu-Muslim subversion,” he implemented.

“I’ve recognized all of these subject concerns through Youth Congress, and as the youth wing says, if all of these issues are addressed through youngsters, Congress will prosper in the elections,” he continued.

Amar believes India is on the verge of extinction if we do not open our eyes. He considers that the situation in Sri Lanka can be mirrored in India, which is why everyone must rise and stand against the BJP. In these nerve-racking times, Indian citizens should rally behind Congress, representing the entire country.

Addressing India’s youth, he recites a poem that accommodates all aspects that he considers dark themes.

“Abhi bhi hai uljhe sawal,koe suljha toh zaroor batana.Hazaro wade Modi Sarkar ne bhi kiye they,hame sab yad hai tumhe bhi ho, toh hame bhi batana.Ache din ayenge kaha tha inhone,Petrol diesel key dam kam hoge kaha tha inhone,700 kisano key jan Ka hisab kaise karna hai zaroor batana.Jago yuvao ab toh bolo bhawishya barbad hora hai is desh ka,Nahi bologe toh agli peedhi key Liye rozgar nahi bachega,Aur jab yeh desh bikjayega tum yuvao par bhi is desh key bikne ka iljam lagenga.”

Watch the whole interview here:

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