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Dr. Edmond Fernandes Advice to Take Precautionary Care to Combat Adenovirus

In the interview, Fernandes talked about the spread of the adenovirus, how adenovirus infections can be prevented and treated

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INDIA. West Bengal: West Bengal is currently engulfed by the newly discovered adenovirus, a deadly virus that has already attacked children with low immune systems and is spreading rapidly. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Monday that six children have so far died in the state due to adenovirus and urged people to start using face masks again to combat the menace. 

The symptoms are very common, such as a mild cold and cough, fever, acute bronchitis, acute gastroenteritis, a sore throat, and pneumonia. Besides, the newly evolved adenovirus and the novel coronavirus coexisted.

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Transcontinental Times recently interviewed the Director of the Edward & Cynthia Institute of Public Health, Dr. Edmond Fernandes to know more about the adenovirus.

Fernandes is the Director of the Edward & Cynthia Institute of Public Health. He worked at the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center in Washington, DC, as a Senior Fellow. Currently, he is an adjunct faculty member at the Department of Public Health, Yenepoya (deemed to be a university). He is a physician who primarily works in preventive care and family care, at CHD Group. 

Dr. Edmond Fernandes at an event. Photo Credit: Edmond Fernandes
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Over 2.5 million lives were improved as a result of his inspirational assistance. To improve public health, he collaborates closely with central, state government, and UN organisations.

In the interview, Fernandes talked about the spread of the adenovirus, how adenovirus infections can be prevented and treated.

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How is adenovirus similar to coronavirus?

Adenovirus is naturally seasonal and has been in circulation worldwide for a long time. The symptoms, while similar, are generally mild for adenovirus. Coronavirus in previous variants was dangerous, but now it is also reduced to mild, negligible variants worldwide.

What is the newly engulfed adenovirus, a primary source of the transmission? 

The virus spreads through droplets, sneezes, and coughs from an infected person. 

5 major symptoms of the acute adenovirus?

Some people, especially those with weak immune systems or diseases they already have, can have very mild to very severe symptoms. Adenovirus starts with respiratory concerns. Major symptoms are cold or flu-like symptoms, fever, acute bronchitis, acute gastroenteritis, sore throat, and pneumonia. 

Medications to cure the adenovirus? Any home remedies that work in favour of providing instant relief?

There is no specific antiviral prescribed for consumption with a diagnosis of this nature. However, most of the cases are mild and can be cured with symptom-based treatment, rest, and monitoring of health conditions.

How is the adenovirus different from the common cold and cough? 

Adenovirus symptoms aren’t as bad as cold symptoms, but you still need to rest and treat the symptoms.

Measures to prevent the adenovirus?

Appropriate hand washing and maintenance of hygiene standards are important for preventing adenovirus. Public places such as swimming pools need to be adequately chlorinated to prevent the spread of conjunctivitis that can be triggered by an adenovirus infection. Handwashing, and ensuring clean environments must be prioritized in private and public places. 

What are the best foods to eat to naturally boost your immune system and help you fight the adenovirus?

Nothing specific is needed, a general overall hygiene standard and normal diet may be followed. 

Before concluding the interview, Dr. Fernandes went said, “The medical science and research community has been trying to beat the common cold for many centuries now, yet we haven’t. We barely have a few diseases managed, and there’s a lot more to do.”

“Hence, investment in preventive healthcare and prevention-based community models of care must be mainstreamed as a policy if we need billions saved and costs cut. Governments around the world must invest and see the logic in enhancing public health investments, and I would be delighted to support them in achieving this visionary goal at scale,” he added.

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