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Dr. Shweta Ujaoney On Her Love For Her Profession, Social Entrepreneurship And More

Dr.Ujaoney is the inventor of the patented “Camouflage syringe,” which helps mask the sharp anesthetic needle and assists the dentist in numbing the patient

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

UNITED STATES: Dr. Shweta Ujaoney aces each of her multifaceted personalities, be it an artist, dentist, author, inventor, or her roles in the family.

“Since a very young age, I knew that I would pursue a career in art, science, and health care all combined and the field of Dentistry was a perfect amalgamation for me,” Shweta told Transcontinental Times.

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Having Indian roots, Ujaoney got her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Dentistry from her homeland. However, after shifting to the United States she had to start everything from scratch. Dr. Ujaoney has several research papers to her credit. She is also the inventor of the patented “Camouflage syringe,” which helps mask the sharp anesthetic needle and assists the dentist in numbing the patient. Currently, Dr. Ujaoney is working at a private dental practice and teaches at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Dentistry in Richmond. 

Seeing children’s anxiety during their dental journey drove Shweta Ujaoney to write a book – A Caterpillar at the Dentist. Photo Credit: Shweta Ujaoney

Innovative technique to help anxious patients

Dr. Ujaoney gives personalized dental treatment to her patients by understanding the fears and the needs of her patients. The reason behind her passion for the profession comes from her sensibility towards patients and a soft corner for kids. Her six-year-old daughter has experienced first-hand anxiety. This has inspired Dr. Ujaoney to implement innovative techniques to reduce the anxiety and fear among her patients.

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Talking about this, she said, “Kids generally have a difficult time understanding the dental gadgets – the sound, the tastes of various dental solutions, and the scary stories passed from family and friends are barriers to better oral health.”

Her experience of seeing anxious children who come for treatments drove her to write a book titled, ‘A Caterpillar at the Dentist’. Through her book, she aims to make a dental filling appointment for children hassle-free and a lesser apprehensive experience.

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Social entrepreneurship: A new paradigm

Dr. Ujaoney believes that the current time is really exciting for an entrepreneur as the internet has made the process and resources very feasible, making the global community come closer than imagined.

Along with this, the influence of social media trends has accentuated entrepreneurship. “The pandemic has brought our lives to a standstill, but we learned to adapt. Saving trees, wildlife, water conservation, women’s rights, the right for education, child abuse and safety are all pressing global issues that can be addressed through thoughtful, inventive social entrepreneurship,” she added.

She also highlighted the struggles of a woman entrepreneur in today’s time. “Society weighs women on different parameters compared to the male counterparts but expects nothing less than the ideal,” Dr. Ujaoney said. She deems this as “unfair and unattainable.”

Future of entrepreneurship

Talking about the future of entrepreneurship Dr. Ujaoney said, “Social entrepreneurship in today’s world is just a click away and now more than ever has the power to lift a cause and bring about a constructive change for our future generations. Channeling the passion with the right intention and coordinated efforts of a team can bring about positive changes and successful entrepreneurship.”

Dr. Ujaoney emphasizes that in order to achieve their dreams, an individual should be passionate and fearless.

Giving an inspiring message to the people, she said, “Having a support system in the form of spouse, parents, siblings, kids, friends, and colleagues can not only consolidate the resolute of an entrepreneur but also fuel its success. More importantly, women support women should be the mantra. Be fearless, be rebellious, be passionate, be sensitive, break the stereotypes, be the change you want to see.”


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