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Monday, November 28, 2022

Ukraine Military Says Russian Drones Struck Military Hardware in Odesa

Just a day ago, news had emerged that residential buildings had been slightly damaged in Russia’s suicide drone attack in the city

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UKRAINE: Two drones unleashed by Russian forces into the Odesa region in Ukraine struck military objects, resulting in a fire and the detonation of ammunition, according to the South command of Ukraine’s forces on Monday.

“As a result of a large-scale fire and the detonation of ammunition, the evacuation of the civilian population was organised,” the command said in a statement on Telegram. “Preliminarily, there have been no casualties.”

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Just a day ago, news had emerged that residential buildings had been slightly damaged in Russia’s suicide drone attack in the city.

The statement was made by Odesa city Mayor Hennadii Trukhanov on Facebook, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

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As for the damage, according to the preliminary data, residential houses and buildings around the impact area were damaged slightly,” Trukhanov noted.

On the morning of September 25, Russian troops bombarded the city of Odesa with suicide drones. The enemy struck an administrative building situated in downtown Odesa three times. Evacuation and fighting operations were well underway.

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One enemy drone was targeted and shot down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft defence units. Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

Photo Credit: Twitter

The ongoing Ukraine crisis began as part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” on August 24.

The crisis has witnessed several breakthroughs as Ukraine continues to launch its rapid counter-offensive measures by liberating annexed territories from the red army, advancing further into the Donbas region, having already reclaimed the north-eastern Kharkiv province from the Russian forces.

On top of such humiliating reports of failures at the battlefront, Russia has now found itself in hot waters by declaring mandatory military conscription for its Russian citizens, exposing what some call, his lack of military prowess and his debilitating numbers in the army.

The official government numbers have called on 300,000 Russians to heed the call for national duty, however, sceptics suggest the actual numbers could reach nearly a million.

Consequently, several cities in Russia, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, have been in the international spotlight as thousands of protestors take to the streets, to make public declarations of their refusal to fight. Over 1,500 people have been detained at these demonstrations.

Meanwhile, several neighbouring countries like Finland saw their border areas swelling with incoming Russians, desperate to flee the country and evade Putin’s despicable military call-up.

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