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Dutch Police Use Water Cannon, Arrest 2,400 Climate Activists

Over 10,000 individuals marched along the A12 highway leading into The Hague

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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NETHERLANDS: On Saturday in the Netherlands, police used water cannons to scatter a large assembly of climate activists who were protesting on a highway to call for an end to government subsidies for the fossil fuel industry.

Over 10,000 individuals marched along the A12 highway leading into The Hague, disregarding official advisories against obstructing the crucial traffic route leading to the Dutch capital.

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According to a statement from the police, they apprehended 2,400 demonstrators, which included minors, and there were no reports of any injuries.

Extinction Rebellion, the group behind the event, has stated that it will continue to hold demonstrations until the Dutch government ceases the practise of using taxpayer money to support the oil and gas sector.

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The crowd, comprising people of all ages, chanted, “The seas are rising, and so are we.”

The protesters conducted a sit-in demonstration, displaying signs that read messages like “Time is up, stop fossil fuel subsidies,” “The fossil lobby is a criminal organization, we are the people,” and “The system must change, not the climate.”

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The demonstrators vowed to continue their daily obstruction of the A12 main road leading to the Dutch parliament in The Hague until the government puts an end to the provision of subsidies for fossil fuels.

“We initiated this protest with just 30 participants, and now thousands of people are joining us. There is widespread support across the nation for our demand from the government,” said environmental activist Guus Dix.

The nation is frequently regarded as a frontrunner in renewable energy and forward-thinking climate initiatives. Minister for Climate and Energy Rob Jetten has acknowledged the necessity of discontinuing subsidies, yet no specific timeframe has been provided.

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