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“E-commerce Has a Vast Future in India,” Says Indian Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur Abhijit Dhote

In an interview with Transcontinental Times, Dhote discussed a brief analysis of both, civil engineering & direct selling sectors, revealing the numerous experiences across his journey

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Prachi Pisal
Prachi Pisal
Journalism student, covering India.

INDIA: The latest episode of the Transcontinental Times’ 360° live show featured the Indian civil engineer & entrepreneur Mr. Abjijit Dhote. As he mentioned, Mr. Dhote comes from a lower-middle-class family, he has the experience of working for more than ten years, in this industry. Currently, he works with Godrej Properties & is in charge of the India region.

“There were some difficult periods for our branch, a long time ago,” Dhote said when asked why he chose to be a civil engineer.

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“People used to have a negative opinion of civil engineers, but that has since changed. In the market, I am anticipating a greater growth of this area.”

Discussing job opportunities for civil engineers, Dhote said that, apart from enjoyment, the last three semesters are more important. “Just academics cannot decide a student’s future. One has to be good a good communicator & acquire additional skills. Consistency from year one will help one to get a placement in a better venture.”

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“Students shouldn’t rely upon on-campus placements, as they are reduced very much. Also, just a degree of the student is not enough these days. Acquiring more skills & master’s degree adds a lot,” he added.

Talking about actual work, he added, “As a civil engineer, we have to be on a site & learn all things technical. To achieve a role in the planning or consultancy sector, one has to learn everything technically, through working on the sites. Besides, like every other industry, initially, one may struggle to adapt to the conditions; but things will change in a particular time.”

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Talking about the industry of direct selling, Dhote said that, it is not a renowned industry as every industry has different challenges.

“This industry deals with perception & your network of people. Besides, this industry is one of the biggest industries in the world & has created multiple millionaires. Emphasizing the competition in the market, he firmly mentioned that, it is growing so massively in India & has a huge future there.”

Furthermore, Dhote quoted that, there’re many companies in this sector, but every company grows on its vision. “To achieve huge success, patience is important here. The passion, the reason & the goal are vital things, in this industry. Besides, there’re going to be negative appraisals, the one has to accept them as they are a part of every entrepreneur’s journey.”


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