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Economist Ariam Rodriguez Pou Shares Her Inspiring Journey of Learning the ‘Art of Sales’

Ariam Rodriguez Pou talks about her journey as an economist and narrates the hardship she faced

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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VENEZUELA: Economist and Saleswoman Ariam Rodriguez Pou, in an exclusive interview with TCT, explains her motivational journey as an economist and her blooming career through an irresistible force of determination and diligence. 

Pou narrates her life journey

It is always persistence, hard work and confidence in the face of adversity that makes everyone’s success story an excellent account that would inspire everyone around. It is about something other than where you start but where you end up being that count in the grander scheme.

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Ariam Rodriguez Pou mentions that she has been a fantastic student from the start but does not owe explicitly to her brilliant mind that is “quite average”, according to her. She says that she could become a successful woman due to her endeavour to achieve something without giving up. 

Her native country is Venezuela, where she stayed at 23. At that time, she had taken up a job as a financial consultant at the most prominent consultancy firm in the world, Deloitte.

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Pou acknowledges that it had been one of the most promising positions that anyone of her age could have attained. Her country’s economic plight did not permit her to continue with her job, so she had to take important decisions that were not easy for her to make in the first place.

She says, “I decided to turn my profession and life around. I packed two suitcases and headed for Europe to find an opportunity in a big consultancy firm in Madrid. I believed I would find a job in a prestigious firm, but it was not like that. I was rejected 17 times. Yes, I counted them.” 

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Pou mentions that the first two years of her life were not easy, as she could not get the desired results. However, she could master all these defeats through the life lessons that taught her to “overcome the fear of rejection and have the tenacity to move forward, no matter the obstacles”.

She extended the prospects of becoming a saleswoman following that, as she always wanted to do and also because she believed it was an excellent job for someone who was “extroverted and friendly”

Pou was not too motivated at the start. However, she concentrated on her career by building up a life and improvising some aspects of it. She decided to learn English and participated in a lot of sales events. She spent a lot of time mastering the art of a sales career and attained a marketing and commercial degree.

She is currently managing the Spanish market in a prestigious fintech company in London, “Youlend”. She says, “We are the preferred financial platform for many of the world’s leading providers in e-commerce, payments, and tech, and it is absolutely amazing to see how we become the leaders in Europe in embedded financing.” 

Pou states that this career could be considered by many as “non-vocational”, but she reckons that she provides simple solutions to all complex problems. She says, “I make life easier for my partner and clients and help them overcome obstacles.” At the end of the day, she can sleep in peace, thinking she could improve many people’s lives. This serves as the most significant motivational factor for her. 

Pou believes that “balance is the utopia we all pursue, some with more success than others.” She adores gyming and says that she caters to it every day. “The weights and my spin cycle have become my two besties,” she says. In her free time, Pou eats in new restaurants in Town.

She highlights, “I’m a foodie and a big fan of fancy places. If I can share my foodie tip or trip experiences with others on social media, it gives me extra satisfaction to see people enjoying their lives with my foodie tips!” 

Pou believes it is imperative to realise why things are not happening as we deem fit. She engages in constructive self-criticism and reviews the mechanisms she uses daily.

She states, “I have a name for this, and it is the check-in of my “mechanisms”, it means once a week, I check my previous week using a scheme: Habits, time management, personal and professional relationships, etc. It allows me to anticipate some failures before the problem gets bigger.” 

Some other hardships are, however, out of people’s control, and the best way she navigates through these situations is through serenity and self-control. She considers herself to be a “highly emotional and friendly person”.

Her mom is her inspiration and “main driver” who taught her the importance of being “responsible and consistent”. She highlights, “I think in this case I can blame on “being lucky” to have my mom and my best friend as the same person.” 

In her final address to all her readers, Pou mentions that dreams could be made from scratch and that persistence is the key to attaining many things in life.

She infers, “Do not believe those who say they are the smartest, the wisest, or the fastest. If they were the best, they would relax and stop being so. Successful people have gotten there because they have had a goal and have designed a strong mechanism of beneficial habits, they have been persistent, and they do not have a different brain than yours or mine, So please, work hard and believe in yourself. Persistence always beats talent”. 

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