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Executive Board Appoints ‘Top Performer’ Journalists On Editorial Board

Transcontinental Times, with its new-age approach to journalism during COVID-19 and ready for 2021 with structured 'Editorial' focus

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Transcontinental Times Staff
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SPAIN. Madrid: The world as we know it may never be the same owing to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. It has brought the world to a place of great uncertainty and it has also pushed people to think out of the box and break established conventions. Even as traditional means of journalism are finding it more and more difficult to sustain themselves, the digital platforms are offering new opportunities to those willing to take the lead.

Spanish writer-filmmaker of Indian origin, Roshan Bhondekar, who is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer along with his wife, Sahra Ardah, who is the Co-founder and CFO, took the bull by the horns to create a unique case study for the academic and scholars to analyze and for the entrepreneurs to take inspiration from. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in June 2020, the couple launched ‘Transcontinental Times’ with the vision to usher in a new era of journalism driven by industry’s best practices to support freelance journalists and mass communication interns to overcome the crisis.

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Since the inception six months ago, Transcontinental Times has been fully committed to human interest stories from all across the globe. “We are not here for celebrities; we are here to make common people celebrity. We raise the voice for everyone from various continents,” asserts Bhondekar. Offering a very different brand of journalism with a humanistic touch, Transcontinental Times has managed to carve a niche with top-notch coverage and commentary on politics, art, and culture, business, education, sports, technology, etc.

Therefore, Executive board aims to capture the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on entrepreneurship at different levels, to accumulate knowledge of best individual and journalism best practices helping freelance journalist and mass communication Interns to overcome the crisis.

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As we speaks Bhondekar said, “We are fighting for creating the potential opportunities for writers and journalists on international independent journalism space. We have given platform to passionate learners, and we have seen the positive result, and based on that we have promoted ‘top performers’ among our team to next level to handle bigger responsibilities.”

New Editorial Board will be in function with immediate effect from 19th December 2020. “On the bigger note, Malvika Padin appointed as an ‘Editor-in-Chief’ for Europe along with Avnika Saraf as a ‘Deputy EIC’. Asia is the key focus, whereas Ishita Chakraborty will take the charge as an ‘Editor-in-Chief’ for Asia along with a ‘Deputy Editor-in-chief’, Smita Malwe. For Africa, two young dynamic journalists taking the driving seat, Dominic Kirui as an ‘Editor-in-Chief’ and Justina Asishana as Deputy Editor-in-chief,” Bhondekar said.

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Sahra Ardah was asked about the ‘Editorial’ focus. She said, “our team is more clear on ‘what to do’ and ‘how to reach the target’, as we are planning for betterment of journalism as youth are the future. We believe in youth.”

As of today, Transcontinental Times has a team of 20 active journalists from 15 plus countries covering various ground-level issues from the different continents. Noted Indian Film & TV Critic and Journalist, Murtaza Ali Khan, associated with Transcontinental Times as Executive Director and Head, Advisory Board, has been dedicatedly looking after the entertainment as well as culture sections. “When Roshan and Sahra approached me with their vision, I immediately agreed to come on board. With the world of journalism undergoing a tremendous transformation owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the only way to keep the true spirit of journalism alive is by trying to adapt and improvise while facing the music. Transcontinental Times is born out of the same spirit and under the exemplary leadership of Roshan and Sahra, we have not just managed to constantly match and surpass our weekly and monthly goals but have also succeeded in unlocking our true potentials, thereby achieving synergy as a team,” rejoices Khan.

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Advisory board member, Nalin Singh, who is a bureau chief and director also mentioned: “In an age when the principles of democracy, journalistic independence and individual freedom are challenged as never before; Transcontinental Times has been a breadth of fresh air and a beacon of hope. Born out of the combined passion of Roshan and Sahra, every member has made invaluable contributions to our combined belief in the values that Transcontinental Times stands for.”

Under the banner of Transcontinental Times, “Top performer team members have carved a niche in Journalism standard. Now with new set up, we will soar higher in the media world. New standards will definitely take us to a novel brand,” says Niloy Chattaraj, who is an advisory board member and Director of Asia.


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