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Fashion Influencer Alicia Martinez Talks About The Inspiration Behind Getting Into Entrepreneurship

From collaborating with different firms as a brand ambassador to winning various prestigious beauty pageants, she has successfully earned a place for herself in the difficult world of fashion

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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SPAIN: Alicia Martinez is a woman of ambition. She is an entrepreneur and a high-spirited social influencer. As she continues to make her mark, the fashion influencer is doing so with positivity and grace. In an interview with Transcontinental times, Alicia discussed her journey, her thoughts about entrepreneurship, and her plans.

Alicia’s transition from administration to the beauty world

Alicia started her career as an administrative but soon decided to change her job. She decided to take this step to pursue her passion for fashion and beauty. Alicia has worked hard and achieved a lot of success in the fashion world. “I left my job as I wanted to reinvent myself while doing something that I love. To be honest, fashion is something that I have loved since my childhood.”

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From collaborating with different firms as a brand ambassador to winning various prestigious beauty pageants, she has successfully earned a place for herself in the difficult world of fashion. Alicia also owns a business of body care products. Along with this, she is gearing up for future projects related to fashion.

To work conscientiously happy and to be able to dedicate the hours it deserves, Alicia considers that an individual should do the things that they love. To think that recommending products, teaching a lifestyle to those who do not know, or simply transmitting happiness through snapshots makes her enormously happy. For Alicia, inspiration is found whenever a person does something that motivates him and makes their soul feel liberated.

Photo Credit: Jose Ros Piñar
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Alicia’s views on the future of entrepreneurship

Alicia strongly believes that entrepreneurship is the future. However, nowadays, many companies have suffered a lot economically because of COVID-19. Due to this, the business model is beginning to disappear in some sectors, which has given way to a new survival model.
“Even though this business model is emerging considerably, it does not have the financial support or the facilities it needs to survive. We cannot forget that youth is the future, and our survival is in them.”

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“Being an entrepreneur involves cultivating new ideas, creating projects, and keep on growing. Today we have the right tools that allow us to reach hundreds and thousands of people with just one publication. We have had to adapt to new times and reinvent ourselves, we began to live differently. Young entrepreneurs learn to function in a very changing world and where ideas flow rapidly, with the concern to fix or solve as far as possible all the problems that have accumulated. Nowadays, who more or less is an influencer in some media,” she said.

One of her major concerns is to make the Spain brand grow as it deserves and to internationalize it as much as possible. She believes that this is how success and deserved recognition is found.

Nobody is great without hard work, effort, and perseverance. Hard work is always the baseline of great achievements.

Giving a message to the young entrepreneurs Alicia said, “Nothing is achieved without that and sacrifice, easy work does not exist, whoever tells you that you are going to earn money quickly and without effort, then either lie or not is a great job. Rewards are only earned after hard work. Let’s work well, and as long as it is something productive that contributes, no matter how little, but let’s not be invaded by empty content, society deserves much more.”

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