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Sara Mousavi Shares Her Experience Of Working As A Business Leader

Sara works as a Marketing Manager at the Institut für Business Coaching & Mental training where she focuses on inspiring people to achieve their life goals

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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SPAIN: Sara Mousavi is a marketing professional with international experience in communications, partnerships, and strategies. She works as a Marketing Manager at the Institut für Business Coaching & Mental training where she focuses on inspiring people to achieve their life goals by investing in a combination of personal and business development. Currently, she is developing an international education program at the institute to communicate important social issues about human behavior.

It is often said that words are the most powerful tools that mankind has. Many wars have been started and averted due to the power of words. However, many people have found peace and motivation in words. Sara has a gift of words that she utilizes to bring positivity around her.

Early life

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Sara was born and raised in Germany but she has Persian roots as well. A few years ago, she moved to Spain for her job. Sara has a specialization in developing international marketing strategies by considering the intercultural aspects of every single market.

While talking about this to Transcontinental Times she said, “Interculturality and international environments are features which have driven me during my career path. Before opening a new market and defining a strategy, you need to understand a culture and the people behind the market as well.”

Importance of entrepreneurship in today’s world

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Sara has been enthusiastic about creative work from a very early age. For her, it opens the door to communicate important social topics more emotionally. Working for positive entrepreneurship motivates her to think big and to bring along more individual ideas to create a successful business environment for the future.

In Institut für Business Coaching & Mental Training, topics like human behavior, mental health, entrepreneurship, leadership skills are an integral part. “It inspires me to work in an environment where your team is still open for new perspectives and to build something innovative together from the beginning. You hear more and more, ‘Let’s try it, let’s risk it’ and as a result, you are inspired to be more creative and to look beyond the norm.”

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In a constantly changing world, Sara believes that it is very important to be able to reflect and develop our own perspectives. She also emphasizes that entrepreneurship can be the new path to more individuality which will later result in a higher quality of life. “Entrepreneurship will be an attractive area for people with the willingness to change something. I think they will have a great impact on the future of entrepreneurship. However, the definition of quality life isn’t the same for all. Some define this as a regular daily routine and secure income, others define it as a flexible lifestyle driven by individual business ideas.”

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A message to the young entrepreneurs

Sara strongly believes that rising entrepreneurs should not compare themselves or their work to that of anyone else. “By staying authentic you will attract clients that are right for you,” she said.

Giving a message to rising entrepreneurs, she said: “One of the greatest things in life is that there is no limit to personal development. Not everyone can study, have a coach, travel around the world, or join the company of their dreams. But one thing is true for all of us – without being dependent on anyone else – we can challenge ourselves and reflect constantly in our journey to become the best version of ourselves.”

According to Sara, another crucial point of view is her definition of patience. For her, patience is not just being aware of the fact that something will take time. “The real test awaits you when you are about to give up. At that moment you prove yourself; whether you are actually patient or not,” she concluded.

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