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Fear Street Part Two 1978: A Revival Of 70’s Slasher Genre

Fear Street Part Three: 1666, the sequel, will be released the following week, on July 16, 2021.

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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India: Fear Street, the film perfectly captures the slasher atmosphere of the 1970s horror era. This time, unlike its predecessor, the Shadyside story rewinds to the Nightwing camp massacre. In the clutches of a serial killer, this summer sight camp filled with joy is turned into a night of slaughter. It is up to Ziggy Berman (Sadie Sink), Nick Goode (Ted Sutherland), and Ziggy’s older sister, Cindy (Emily Rudd), to put an end to the cursed events in Shadyside.

The onslaught and the terror in the camp are set in motion by its fine set of characters. Ziggy is always harassed by Sunnyvale camper Shiela (Chiara Aurelia) and branded as a witch. Aside from that, she has a strained relationship with her sister. Cindy is a highly upbeat persona, or to put it another way, she prefers to avoid reality. She is, nevertheless, always concerned about her sister. Nick is a devout individual who is also becoming a Sheriff as per his father’s dying wish. Apart from that, he admires Ziggy.

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The plot of Fear Street is heavily centered on the 1978 Nightwing camp massacre. The realm of Fear Street takes a deep dive into its history to add to its myths and stories. The camp setting is comparable to that of Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake. The serial killer resembles Jason from Friday the 13th and Jack Torrance from the Shinning.

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The cinematography is wonderfully suited to the plot of the film. However, the film, like its predecessor, loses its touch of the 1970s. The background music, combined with the visuals, creates a terrifying atmosphere. In comparison to the last film, this one has a lot of explicit violence. The sight of a serial killer murdering children might terrify and distress viewers. The children’s screams fill the heart with horror, even though the scene does not depict them dying.

In comparison to the first section, the movie takes the lead in terms of character development. Ziggy and Cindy’s love and animosity give another layer of intensity to their story. Until the end of the film, the question arises that which of the two Sisters would survive the carnage lingers in the mind.

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Fear Street Part Three: 1666, the sequel, will be released the following week, on July 16, 2021. The mystery of Sarah Fier will be explored, as well as the consequences in Shadyside’s cursed history.
This Netflix movie takes on the 1970s slasher genre and it not only outperforms its predecessor in terms of the story arc, but it also gently conjures the vintage horror movie feels that is sorely lacking in today’s horror. With few flaws and plenty of well-executed terror and gore, this Netflix movie is not for critics but is a must-watch for lovers of 1970s slasher films.
Transcontinental Times rating: 3.8/5


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