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FIFA World Cup 2022: Qatar Enhances the World of Football by Embracing Innovative Tech

The World Cup is scheduled to take place from November 20 to December 18

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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QATAR: The men’s 2022 FIFA World Cup is approaching fast with all its innovation and glory. 

The upcoming FIFA World Cup, which is set to kick off from November 20th to December 18th, is going to look and feel very different than the previous ones, as it is coming up with lots of surprises filled with many “firsts.”

For one, this is the first time an Arab nation will be hosting the occasion. Additionally, this will be the first time three matches can be seen every day and the first time the tournament will be held “out of season.”

It will also be the first time that the venues are so close to one another, which is wonderful news for those football fans travelling to Qatar to watch the live matches.

The stadiums, the vibe of Qatar, and the general ambiance, in addition to all the other wonderful things you can look forward to from this top-notch football competition, make the FIFA World Cup in Qatar a “not-to-be-missed” event.

Moreover, this World Cup has several technological “firsts” too, which make this edition of the event more unique.

You’ll get to witness a variety of awesome technologies that will be integrated into the entire World Cup 2022 experience. Some are new and enhanced, while others have never been seen before.

Football fans attending the World Cup in Qatar will have front-row access to not just thrilling games but also cutting-edge technologies that will undoubtedly provide experiences unlike any other. 

Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, stated that “semi-automated offside technology represents a progression of the VAR systems that have been applied throughout the world.”

Here are some cutting-edge innovations that will enhance football fans’ experiences on and off the pitch at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022:

Al Rihla

Al Rihla, which means “the journey” in Arabic, will be the brand-new, cutting-edge world cup ball used in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The Adidas Suspension System, which has an IMU sensor and can identify tight offside events, is installed in Al Rihla.

This sensor, which is positioned in the centre of the ball, transmits ball data to the video operating room 500 times per second, enabling highly accurate kick point recognition.

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Technology for stadium cooling

Stadiums with the most cutting-edge technology will be featured during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Even though the event will take place in November and December, the Gulf is still expected to reach temperatures of about 26 degrees Celsius. 

The stadiums have been fitted with cooling equipment to lower the temperature to a reasonable 18–24 degrees Celsius, making it more pleasant for spectators and players to play and watch the games.

The cooling system was created by Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani, also known as “Dr. Cool,” of Qatar University’s College of Engineering. It will combine insulation and “targeted cooling.”

The temperature in the stadium will be maintained by sensors, which will also change airflows for seats in the sun or shade.

Warm air will be drawn into the stadium’s cooling system by an air-circulation process, cleansed by water, re-cooled, filtered out, and pumped out again by the jets.

FIFA Player App

The FIFA Player App will allow players at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar to learn more about their on-field performance.

The app was created in accordance with the FIFA President’s Vision 2020–2023 to use technology to enhance football.

In collaboration with FIFPRO, the world’s leading representative of professional footballers, it incorporates feedback from players in the industry. At the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, the FIFA Player App will be used for the first time.

Soon after each game, each player will have access to their player-performance data via the FIFA Player App.

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Smart Charging Stations

In addition, “El Palm” will make an appearance at the World Cup in Qatar.

The power of the wind and sun will be captured by a wind turbine with solar panels. It will provide shade for the fans and be furnished with USB charging stations, speakers for disseminating important information, and advertisements.

In order to keep all the fans connected while they are resting, El Palm will also provide Wi-Fi.

Rooms with Sensory Sensitivity

Also, the Qatar World Cup will feature sensory viewing areas for young spectators with autism or sensory processing disorders. 

Fans can unwind and watch the games in the safe environment of the room. Several other devices will be available to ensure a fun experience.

They will be able to focus better in a calm environment if they use fidget gadgets and visually appealing components.

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Bonocle and Feelix Palm are two assistive technologies

Any event must take accessibility into consideration, and the World Cup is no exception.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar’s organisers have used Bonocle, the world’s first braille entertainment platform with all the necessary assistive technology for the visually impaired to access digital material, to make the event more inclusive and accessible.

The World Cup 2022 events can be enjoyed and experienced by those with visual impairments just like everyone else because of its transcoding functionalities.

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar will make use of Feelix Palm, another technology. Through tactile palm communicators, this technology uses electric impulses to send braille-like signals to the blind without limiting their physical movement or hearing.

Final Remarks

The world of football will change forever as a result of the World Cup in Qatar. Fans and athletes will have an amazing experience thanks to cutting-edge facilities and technology.

Every four years, soccer fans gather to experience something extraordinary, and Qatar has something exceptional prepared.

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