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Emergency Teaser: Kangana Ranaut Morphs Herself Entirely into Indira Gandhi, The Former PM of India

The Manikarnika famed actress shared the first look of the film on her social media handle

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA.Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut recently launched the glimpse for her next film, Emergency, in which she represents former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi. The official clip is labelled first look, implying that filming for the movie is already begun.

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‘Emergency’ is a forthcoming film based on actual incidents that occurred in 1975. The Kangana Ranaut-led film depicts events that unfolded under the leadership of Indira Gandhi, one of India’s most powerful women in history of India. 

The teaser focuses on Kangana’s phenomenal transformation into Indira Gandhi

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The teaser commences with a composition of symphonic music mixed with an orchestic theme that draws our attention to the set pieces before being interrupted by the strident sound of the telephone. Later, we observe a man pick up a phone and hear the voice of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger stating if American President Richard Nixon could address the Prime Minister as “Ma’am” instead of “Sir.”

Following the phone sequence, the camera gradually follows all set pieces that appear to be the prime minister’s office. We eventually get a proper view of Kangana Ranaut as Indira Gandhi. At the moment, her persona takes the lead, asserting calmly, “Tell the President of America that everyone in my office refers to me as Sir, not Madam.”

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The first glimpse features Kangana in the character of the former Prime Minister, where she is totally unrecognisable. Kangana’s incredible transformation is entirely due to Oscar winner David Malinowski. The Academy Award winner has previously worked on films such as The Batman (2022), The Darkest Hour (2017), and World War Z (2013).

The Manikarnika star posted the first look on her social media account. The teaser was captioned, “Presenting ‘Her,’ who was called ‘Sir’.” Kangana also published a poster for the film alongside the teaser.

Kangana adds her directorial vision to the film while starring herself in the lead, which is set to be produced by her production company, Manikarnika Films.

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