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Kampala Bomb Plot Foiled: 5 Additional Suspects Detained as Explosives Recovered by Police

Ugandan authorities arrested a suspect carrying a bomb outside a church

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UGANDA: Bombs discovered in Kampala. Ugandan police have arrested five suspects in a bombing plan linked to an Islamist rebel organisation, resulting in the discovery of five additional explosives in and around Kampala, the capital of Uganda, following the stoppage of a terrorist attempting to bomb Pastor Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Cathedral.

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), based in the eastern Congo and aligned with the extremist group Islamic State, have been targeting civilian and military targets in both Congo and Uganda for years.

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Ugandan authorities arrested a suspect carrying a bomb outside a church, leading to a manhunt involving five arrests and the recovery of five improvised explosive devices. The devices were safely detonated, and items like batteries, nails, and powder detonators were found.

According to police, a threat environment still persists, necessitating vigilance as Ugandans go shopping, to places of worship, to party and celebrate, for any suspicious objects, unusual activities, or behavior.

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The ADF and Islamic State have been linked to attacks, including a June massacre involving 42 people and seven suicide bombings in 2021.

The US Embassy has issued a security warning in Uganda due to crime, terrorism, and anti-LGBTQ+ issues. In November 2021, two suicide blasts in Kampala resulted in three deaths, while in July 2010, 74 people were murdered and many were injured.

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Daesh/ISIS claimed responsibility for both incidents, claiming they were retaliation for Uganda sending troops to Somalia.

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