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Five Mindboggling Fan Theories Of New Marvel Series ‘Loki’

Disney+ Hotstar series which stars Tom Hiddleston in a titular role is a twisted tale with time travel

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: Loki the God of mischief, as mentioned in the Norse world is not only a trickster but he is also loved by many people in the MCU (Marvel cinematic universe). Loki series which is streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar has made a record breaking household viewership. ‘‘It will have huge impact than any other series on MCU’’ stated Kevin Feige who is the president of Marvel Studios since 2007.

Right from the beginning of the first episode “The Glorious Purpose” the show has hooked the audience with its unpredictable plot. The second episode ‘’The Variant’’ has answered a few questions but there is still more to the story. The Loki series unpredictability is filled by theories and below are our top 5 fan theories:

5) Mobius intention

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He is more mysterious than Loki. In the very first episode he made his intentions quite clear as why he saved Loki from the judgement. Second episode somehow puts a light on his interest and desire. At that moment Loki asks him about his love for jet ski as he saw in the magazine earlier that episode. To which Mobius (played by Owen Wilson) responds “you know, some things, actually most things in history are kind of dumb and gets ruined eventually but in the early 1990s, for a brief moment there was a beautiful union of form and function which we called jet ski and a reasonable man cannot differ”.

The mention of the 1900s in the dialogue could be an Easter egg to his first appearance in the comics but in another way it could be depicted as his fancy to reside a normal life. During the conversation Loki provokes him and also question his belief on time keepers. The unknown way of the TVA (Time Variance Authority) somehow act as a barrier for Mobius. So what if it’s his way to plot a Loki against Loki and advance towards his dream in shadows?

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At the end of episode when Lady Loki (played by Sophia Di Martino) resets the multiple timeline unknown to her intentions and departs from the location, a door still remains open for Loki and soon Mobius joins the way implying intentionally “ wait Loki wait “ it’s like he is mentioning it repeatedly  to chase the lady Loki through that door which is usually against the TVA. This event foreshadows his fate in the show.  

4) Roxxon a sinister corporation of Marvel

At the end of second episode the audience have been introduced to Roxxcart store which is used as a hideout by Lady Loki. This store primarily belong to a shady corporate Roxxon which had been teased as an easter egg in Iron man 1, Iron Man 2 & Iron Man 3. With its first appearance in comic “Captain America #180” its sinister plans have been revealed that its funding both Shield and Hydra at the same time. This evil corporation had also linked with Hydra and The Serpent Society.

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Out of all it plays a huge role in the Marvel series ‘Agent carter”. In this series Roxxon develops an atom bomb from a formula by Howard Stark. Marvel doesn’t tease anything like that until it causes a great effect in the upcoming events. They have already teased Wakanda and Atlantis at the end of movies like Iron Man 2 and also in Captain America: “The Winter Soldier”. The name such as Dr. Stephen Strange and Marc Spector have been introduced.

Marc Spector also known as Moon Knight is getting a series adaptation. Due to the absence of Iron Man and Steve Rogers former Captain America Roxxon can easily make its path in the story line thus it can play as an antagonist in the end of the series.

3) Loki’s double game

 The God of trickery Loki is popular for his double game and uncertainty. In Thor with his first appearance the character had puzzled the viewers with his magical antics. During the events of first Thor movie Loki act as an antagonist who has been pulling the strings in the shadows since the beginning. The major event in The Avengers movie has been triggered by Loki himself completely as a sinister to rule the world. But in the further movie installment he has been portrayed as a side hero or antihero. From all this conclusion it is clear that their exist a duality in the nature of this character.

In the second episode when one of the TVA agent is captured as a hostile during the investigation Loki is almost able to trick Mobius and other agents in believing that whoever puts a step aside of the location they will die as it is a trap set by the Lady Loki. At the same time the viewers could have a glimpse that the timeline is going to shatter on one of the TVA monitor.

When Loki and Mobius are having a conversation in the TVA archives, he intentionally provoke Mobius and questioning his belief by asking “I mean you really believe in all this stuff, don’t you?’’ this implies that Loki is desperately trying to meet the Time Keepers, as mentioned in episode 1 Mobius tells Loki about Time Keepers and how they are currently the most powerful beings in the universe. Loki’s plan is to manipulate the Time Keepers with the help of TVA, also in the trailers and the first look the character could be seen quoting “I’m gonna burn this place to the ground”. At the end of episode 2 he follows the Lady Loki through the time door. Maybe in next episode he may join the team with Lady Loki.

2) One of the Time Keepers is Kang the Conqueror

Right from his first appearance in Marvel comics Fantastic Four #19, Kang has been a major antagonist to the Avengers and Fantastic Four. This supervillain is all set to have a live action debut in the upcoming movie Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. So what could be a better opportunity for Marvel studios to give a quick glimpse of such a major character. The main powers of Kang involves genius level intellect, expert historical scholar and time travel.

All this fit to a characteristics of a Time Keeper. Another hint is that one of the Kang’s nemesis and love interest is Renslayer (played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw in the show).

During the conversation between Renslayer and Mobius in the second episode which took place in her office and is full of unknown objects out of all the three Time Keepers are the major attraction, he ask “And how are the old Time Keepers?” to which she responds by looking towards the centre statue having a similar look of Kang “The Time Keepers are monitoring every aspects of this case”. This may implies that her love for Kang is still there and this scene must have some importance adding a subtle hint for the future relationship between Renslayer and Kang the Conqueror.

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1) Lady Loki is Enchantress

This female version of god of trickery Lady Loki appeared in comics primarily in Thor Ragnarok #85. During the events of Ragnarok Loki is resurrected in the body of Lady Sif thus occupying a female version. At the end credits of the show in the Spanish version there is a mention of a name Sylvie instead of Lady Loki. In comics Sylvie become Enchantress after Loki grant his power to her so maybe in the show the Lady Loki is not a female version of the Loki.

The idea of a female Loki is itself contradictory to the concept of variants. As the nexus point doesn’t altered the gender but their version it can be seen in the mid of the second episode where Mobius is giving a brief history of the different variant version of Loki all of them were male (In series it is not confirmed Loki is male or female his gender criteria can be depicted in the show as gender fluid).

The power of Lady Loki differs from the original Loki, she can manipulate the minds of any living being without touching the victim where on the other side Loki can do the same but it require a  contact of touch with the victim as seen in the Avengers movie.

The powers of Lady Loki is similar to Enchantress, as in comics there are two versions of Enchantress one is Sylvie mentioned earlier and other is Amora the first Enchantress or we could say the original Enchantress. In a nutshell this could be a different take on the Enchantress in the show as Marvel is best known for doing this from the previous movies.


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