Food Prices Rise Drastically In Sudan Amidst Economic Crisis Due To Floods

Staple food prices soar as the financial crisis continues in Sudan

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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SUDAN.Khartoum. People of Sudan are facing hardship as the cost of food and transport rises drastically amid an economic crisis in the nation. The cost of some basic foods like bread and sugar has increased by 50% over the past few weeks. Due to this, inflation has touched a record height of 167%. The Sudanese government has declared a state of economic emergency last week. This decision was taken after a sharp fall in the currency was seen.

Economic strife and increase in food prices

The Sudanese pound has dropped to 234 against the dollar. Many Sudanese currency dealers were arrested in Khartoum over the past two weeks. The government is trying to investigate the black market trades in Khartoum. The increasing price of basic food items is having a devastating effect on the people of Khartoum. The price of sugar has risen from 100 to 150 Sudanese pounds. Similarly, a loaf of bread can cost up to two pounds which is seven times more than the price outside Khartoum. The price of beef has increased from 500 Sudanese pounds to 800 pounds this month.

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The citizens are now blaming the country’s current state on the Sudanese government. Previously, the government had raised the minimum wage of workers from 245 to 3,000 Sudanese pounds in April. This raise was considered as the largest increase in salaries in the entire history of Sudan. The recent scenario of COVID-19 in Sudan is getting worse. But, the mortality rate is much lower than the recovery rate in Sudan.

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The effect of floods on Sudan

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Sudan is still trying to recover from the devastating floods that destroyed many households. The floods killed almost 99 people and more than half a million people are homeless. The nation’s capital Khartoum was the worst-hit area. The water from both Nile tributaries flooded the entire city. People are yet to get proper humanitarian aid and many people are seeking shelters in school and government offices. However, the government is expecting some financial help from across the globe. The government is still waiting for the $400m financial package which was promised by the donors from across the world.

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