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Muslim Man Murders Parents over Profaning Muhammad

In a videotaped statement made while in police detention, Ahmadu claimed he had no remorse for what he had done because he had been ordered to

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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NIGERIA:  Munkaila Ahmadu, murdered his parents in Jigawa State’s Gagarawa Local Government Area after they made blasphemous remarks about the Prophet Muhammad.

A musician and adherent of the Tijjaniyya Islamic sect, Ahmadu claimed that his parents disapproved of him singing in favour of the Prophet and mocked him, and called him crazy.

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After killing his parents and injuring two others on Thursday,  Ahmadu, 37, was detained by the state’s police, according to Report.

Both his mother Ahmad Hauwa’u, 60, and his 70-year-old father Ahmad Muhammad, the village chief of the Zarada community in the Gagarawa council region, were murdered by him with a pestle.

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In a videotaped statement made while in police detention and provided to PREMIUM TIMES, Ahmadu claimed he had no remorse for what he had done because he had been ordered to.

“I killed them because they wouldn’t embrace the truth about the prophet Muhammad” (S.W.A). There is no forgiveness for anyone who mistreats the Prophet, so I killed them as a result.”

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In a video taken by the police, Ahmadu said, “I am a praise singer for the prophet. This year, God willing, I aim to do a video for my song, and I will do it, I will be free because God is with the virtuous person, that is why I am not stressing over my action.”

“I begged my father to support my work (praise singing) and told him that I don’t womanise, gamble, do drugs, or steal, but he refused. They called me crazy because they don’t like the prophet, Muhammad,” he added.

The boy added, that when I arrived to sing praises to the prophet, my mother would go to nearby towns and use extortion to get others to ignore me because I was crazy and wouldn’t be allowed to work on the farm.

According to human reasoning, I did something wrong, but in the eyes of God and the Prophet, what I did was right, Ahmadu said. “I am now in police custody because of what I did.

Father of five, Ahmadu expressed suspicions about his father’s relationship with his wife.

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