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Forceful Religious Conversion in Bengal, CBI to Launch Probe Focusing on Political Conspiracy

Calcutta High Court issued an order to the CBI to scrutinize the allegations

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INDIA: A fresh investigation has been initiated by the central probe agency in regard to the alleged forced conversions to Islam in West Bengal’s Malda district.

The Calcutta High Court issued an order to the CBI to scrutinize the allegations made by two women from the Kaliachak area in Malda.

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As per the women, their husbands were forcefully converted to Islam after they went missing on November 24, 2021, approximately six months after the results of the assembly polls were declared on May 2 of that year.

In a big claim, the woman’s alleges that Bengal police were informed about the instance but didn’t take any action.

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The high court issued two orders: one on May 19, 2022, and the second on March 20, 2023, as the petition was made by Kalabati Mondal and her sister.

Now, an official stated that, “To look into claims made by the ladies that their husbands had been pressured into becoming Muslims by threats, intimidation, or while under the influence of drugs, a preliminary inquiry (PE), the forerunner of the first information report, has been registered.”

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Yet the official warned that “there might be a substantial link to a political conspiracy in the whole thing. Additionally, it has been alleged that the forced conversions are a kind of punishment for backing an adversarial political party.”

As per the PE, “There are allegations of kidnapping, arbitrary forced conversion, cross-border infiltration, threats, and intimidation, including the gathering and storage of enormous quantities of weapons, ammunition, and fake money.”

Despite the woman’s complaint being filed on December 8, 2021, the federal anti-corruption investigative agency will also begin a search due to the superintendent of police in Malda’s lack of action.

On May 19, the high court said, “The petitioners allege that their husbands were coerced into becoming Muslims by threats, intimidation, and/or the use of drugs. Forced conversion is allegedly used as retribution for backing an opposition political party.”

“It is astonishing to see that despite receiving complaints, the Kaliachak police station inspector-in-charge has not filed any formal complaints (FIRs), and Malda SP has not issued any orders for the necessary steps to be taken,” as per the court.

“However, the husbands asserted during the cross-party debate that the petitioner had left them due to family conflicts and had converted to Islam,” the court concluded.

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