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Gin: A Drink That Sits Obscurely Among Alcoholic Beverages

Gin, the aphrodisiac drink beams the phrase - " Navy strength" from its history related to the British Navy

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INDIA: The principal taste of Gin is stemmed from Juniper berries, an evergreen shrub that grows in various parts of the world. Although the color of the berries varies, chiefly the berries are found in deep blue tinge. Gin is a distilled spirit that if simply described, is flavored vodka.

Every finished Gin has its own mix of botanicals. Furthermore, authentic Gin adds unique specimens to local drinks and some ingress rarities from around the world.

The misty hate for spirits

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According to an award-winning mixologist, H. Joseph Ehrmann who is a proprietor of San Francisco’s historic Elixir saloon, he finds that most people ‘hate’ a particular spirit because they had a bad experience with it in the past.

People, in the long run, have shown hazy disliking towards the drink in one way or the other for different reasons despite it being low in calories and comparatively on the healthier side. And hence even among the regular ‘woke’ drinkers, Gin remains obsolete or as a throat sore.

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Ehrmann also ventured that the hatred is most likely related to ignorance about the product in general. “Haters believe something about it that simply isn’t true. Also, many spirits have unique flavors and aromas not found in other foods or drinks, so they set people off,” he added.

Navy strength

Gin, the aphrodisiac drink beams the phrase – ” Navy strength” from its history. The origin of the term comes from the British Navy, who after the Napoleonic wars switched from giving their sailors a pint of beer per day to an eighth pint – or a half gill – of spirits. The reason being that beer takes up a lot of room and spoils quickly whereas, spirits take up an eighth of the room and hold up longer.

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Sometimes the distilleries would get greedy and start diluting their spirits more in order to get a bigger batch and thus increase profits thinking the navy would have a hard time determining the exact ABV of the Gin while onboard there, but the British Navy were onto this.

What they found was that black powder, which was plentiful on warships, would still ignite when soaked in a spirit with an alcohol content of 57% or more, but any less than that, and the powder would no longer light up. So the Navy simply started to enforce a 57% minimum alcohol content on everything they bought, and thus the term “navy strength” was coined!

Moreover, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in UK sells navy strength Gin, made right there in their own distillery.

Gin brands unrivaled

Gin from all around the world has its own solitary essence, collating them is much like comparing oranges and apples.

Hendrick’s Orbium has a sweet-bitter and floral quality that just sings in a martini. Moreover, it dwells in wormwood, quinine, and a lotus blossom hence goes well with the classic martini spec.

Amazonia from Hendrick’s is set apart from the earlier by the tropical notes that it bewitches which is rather exquisite for a Gin. Moreover, gimlet with Amazonia is easily an easy-winning classic, it enthralls the aroma in the air and experiences of South America.

Nevertheless, Beefeaters from London takes away the best everyday mixing Gin award followed closely by Bombay sapphire.

The Botanist, an artisanal islay Gin lodges among the top-tier Gin. Strong botanical makes the Gin override by itself and across different mixers.

Genever, also known as Hollands is a Gin with very subtle whiskey tones. Succoring the statement from Genever producers, that they call it a cross between Gin and whiskey.

Tom Collins with freshly squeezed lemon and high-quality agave nectar instead of simple syrup can be described as being swooned to the seventh heaven. Additionally, Negroni, Vesper, Aviation all offer more than just Gin and quinine, the very versatile spirit that was painted into a corner for years.

Interestingly so, Seersucker southern style Gin gains the title as one of the best mixing Gins, it’s tasty, mild and lacks the strong juniper notes in other Gins, and has more prominent citrus oils.

The rusty blade barrel-aged Gin has a different flavor profile.

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This doesn’t just reference what Gin you drink, but the mixers and ingredients that go into the serving. Take a Gin and tonic – you can go rail Gin and bar Gin tonic, a slice of lime and have a palatable drink.

Now change rail to say Bombay sapphire, bar tonic to fever tree, and add a hasty splash of rhubarb bitters. You now have a refreshing cocktail that leaves you drunk. Here, were the incremental steps to make a memorable drink.

In essence, the big lesson that Gin teaches about cocktails is that the devil is in the details. It simply is just not about pour ratios, but the quality of the product.


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