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Google Introduces ‘About this Image’ Tool to Detect AI-Generated Photos

The new Google search feature aims to combat spread of disinformation

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Russell Chattaraj
Russell Chattaraj
Mechanical engineering graduate, writes about science, technology and sports, teaching physics and mathematics, also played cricket professionally and passionate about bodybuilding.

UNITED STATES: In an ongoing battle against the proliferation of fake news and misinformation, Google has unveiled a groundbreaking tool that will assist users in identifying the origins of images and labeling AI-generated photos in search results. The tech giant’s latest feature, ‘About this Image,’ was announced at the highly anticipated Google I/O 2023 conference.

With the rise of artificial intelligence synthesis models, the creation and dissemination of deceptive images have become increasingly prevalent online. Differentiating between authentic and AI-generated photos has become a challenging task. In response to this pressing issue, the tech giant has taken a significant step forward to curb the spread of disinformation.

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According to a blog post by Google, a 2022 study conducted by Poynter revealed that a staggering 62 per cent of internet users encounter fake information daily or weekly. Acknowledging the gravity of this problem, Google aims to empower users with the ability to assess the credibility of images more effectively.

The ‘About this Image’ tool will offer users multiple avenues to verify an image’s authenticity. In Google Images search results, users can click on three dots located on an image, giving them access to information about the image’s history, indexing, and first appearance. 

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Additionally, users can perform a reverse image search using Google Lens by uploading a picture or screenshot. Users can swipe up an image in the Google app to gain insights into its origins and credibility.

Initially, the ‘About this Image’ feature will be available exclusively to users in the United States and will support English. However, the company plans to expand its availability and language support in the coming months. Furthermore, users will also be able to access the tool by right-clicking or long-pressing on an image in the Chrome browser on desktop and mobile devices later this year.

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To further distinguish AI-generated images, Google intends to label them with special markup, indicating their AI origins. This labelling will be embedded in the image’s metadata and may also include visible watermarks. The aim is to provide users with clear indicators that the image in question was artificially generated.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration in combating the spread of disinformation, Google has partnered with other platforms to encourage the adoption of similar labels for AI-generated images. Midjourney and Shutterstock have already expressed their support for this initiative.

The introduction of the ‘About this Image’ tool marks a significant milestone in Google’s ongoing efforts to combat fake news and disinformation. By equipping users with the means to verify image credibility and detect AI-generated photos, Google is taking proactive steps towards fostering a more informed online environment.

As technology evolves, Google remains committed to staying one step ahead of those who seek to deceive and manipulate. With the ‘About this Image’ tool, the tech company empowers users to make more informed judgments, ultimately fostering a safer and more trustworthy online experience for all.

As the feature rolls out to users in the coming months, this innovative tool will serve as a valuable resource in the ongoing fight against the spread of fake news and the proliferation of AI-generated images across the internet.

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  • Russell Chattaraj

    Mechanical engineering graduate, writes about science, technology and sports, teaching physics and mathematics, also played cricket professionally and passionate about bodybuilding.

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