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Governor Inaugurates Tourism-Revival Event Kerala Travel Mart

The 11th edition of KTM was launched after two years with new plans and enthusiasm

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Suman Bajpai
Suman Bajpai
Freelance writer, journalist, editor, translator and travel writer, Worked with different magazines as an editor. Writing for past 33 years

INDIA. Kerala: Kerala Travel Mart witnessed a new light on Thursday, May 5, when the Governor of Kerala, Shri Arif Mohammad Khan, launched the 11th edition of Kerala Travel Mart (KTM) in Grand Hyatt Hotel in Bolgatty. The 11th edition of KTM was launched after two years with new plans and enthusiasm.

Kochi will host travel agents, buyers, and passengers from around the world from May 5 to 8. This mart is the country’s largest forum for people in the travel sector to network, exchange ideas, and be exposed to new opportunities. The goal is to promote and investigate strategies to strengthen the state’s economy’s most important industry.

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“Earnest activities among states are critical for Kerala’s steady advancement of tourism as a major economic sector, particularly amid current post-Covid recovery efforts,” stated Governor Shri Arif Mohammad Khan.

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A cultural experience 

“For tourism to be sustainable and inclusive, real cooperation across Indian states is critical. While inaugurating the eleventh edition of Kerala Travel Mart (KTM), the country’s largest tourism event,” he remarked. He added that this is the appropriate time to improve further the cooperation and coordination among the states in the tourism sector for the benefit of everyone.

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He underlined that tourism is a cultural experience that crosses borders and is an economic activity.

The show began with the brilliant and fascinating dance performance Kai Kotti Kali, a communal dance done in Kerala on all occasions.

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Following that, Kathakali dancers onto the stage and performed music inspired by Lord Vishnu’s prayer. Theyyam, considered God’s dance, is a fascinating dance. There is a melodic beat to every rhythm. The Vandematram song brought this cultural event to a close.

Photo Credit: Suman Bajpai

Every village has a pleasant surprise

Shri M.A. Yusuff Ali, a prominent industrialist, was the honored guest.

Shri Khan praised the government for conserving the state’s “invaluable history of natural beauty” while launching a slew of new products and projects to suit post-COVID demands.

“The government has recently created farm tourism, caravans, and adventure packages, in addition to cultural attractions, to capitalise on Kerala’s magical blend of natural beauty, intriguing history, and well-preserved legacy. Kerala’s noticeably rural nature promises a pleasant surprise in every little village, “declared the Governor.

A water race organized by Kerala Tourism from post-monsoon Onam was the primary attraction in the opening session sample show of the second edition of the IPL-modeled Champions Boat League.

Exhibitions on tourism themes

The KTM-2022 proceedings will begin on May 6 at Willingdon Island’s Sagara and Samudrika conference centres. On May 6, 7 and 8, the facility will host 55,000 business meetings. The public will have access to the pavilions at both sites for five hours starting at 1 p.m. on the last day.

According to KTM Society President Shri Baby Mathew, the event will be paperless and take place in a 1.5 lakh sqft venue, keeping the environment and saving trees in mind. There will be 325 stalls.

KTM 2022 is hosting seminars on various themes given by authorities, professionals, and stakeholders to showcase the state’s tourism strengths to a global audience. The bazaar, organized as public-private cooperation, will feature exhibitions on significant tourism subjects.

Caravaning and adventure tourism are two of the main draws of KTM-2022, which will attract delegates from 69 nations and purchasers from 25 states around the country. There will be 1,000 domestic purchasers and 240 international buyers. A significant group of journalists (33 from abroad) and 75 bloggers will also attend.

Destination for all time

Last year in March, the KTM hosted a virtual summit, facilitating almost 7,000 business meetings that helped the travel industry make significant progress in overcoming the Covid-induced economic crisis. 

There was a virtual buyers’ meeting with participants from all over the world, including India, at that online event.

Dr. Venu V., Additional Chief Secretary, Kerala Government, said KTM-2022 symbolizes the people of Kerala’s perseverance in overcoming a two-year dip in the industry. “This event is poised to become a watershed moment in the state’s tourism rebirth,” he added.

Shri K.S. Srinivas, Principal Secretary for Tourism, said KTM-2022 gives the state a “wonderful potential” to boost tourism, which has remained stagnant for the previous two years because of COVID-19.

Since the spread of the new coronavirus two years ago, the KTM Society, founded in 2000 and is the country’s most extensive travel and tourism organization, has been fighting to revive the industry.

“Kerala is a location that domestic and worldwide tourists desire to come to,” Krishna Teja, Director of Kerala Tourism, said at the inauguration. 

“That is why Kerala is both a today’s and tomorrow’s destination.”

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  • Suman Bajpai

    Freelance writer, journalist, editor, translator and travel writer, Worked with different magazines as an editor. Writing for past 33 years

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