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Haiti’s Request for Outside Security Aid Is Being Examined by the US

According to the U.S. State Department, illicit actors are sabotaging Haiti's attempts to stop the spread of cholera

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HAITI: The request for assistance from Haiti, which claims to be looking for a “specialist armed force” to deal with a crisis brought on by a blockade of the nation’s main gasoline port, was under evaluation, the United States said on Saturday.

According to the U.S. State Department, illicit actors are sabotaging Haiti’s attempts to stop the spread of cholera.

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It added in a statement, “In that context, we will review the Government of Haiti’s request in coordination with international partners and determine how we can increase our support to help address Haiti’s fuel shortage and security constraints.”

Details on how the US may assist the country in overcoming its security challenges were not provided.

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Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s request was denounced as a treasonous act by The Montana Accord, a group of intellectuals and activists in the country who have been harshly critical of him. They also asserted that the arrival of foreign troops would only make matters worse.

The Montana Accord stated in a statement that the country needed backing for its police force rather than international intervention because “history teaches us that no foreign force has ever solved the problems of any people on earth.”

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“It is our Haitian police force that will have the ability to once and for all solve the security problems that Haitians are experiencing.”

Since a group of gangs barricaded the Varreux petroleum station last month, Haiti has come to a complete standstill. Transportation has been severely hampered by the scarcity of gasoline and diesel, and companies and hospitals have been forced to close.

Additionally, it has caused a shortage of bottled water at a time when the nation has verified a fresh cholera outbreak, whose spread can be stopped by maintaining good hygiene and access to clean water.

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