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HIT 2: Adivi Sesh’s Actioner is Ready to Bag a Teaser

Sailesh Kolanu stated that viewers didn’t have to watch HIT 1 to enjoy HIT 2

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: Adivi Sesh’s highly-awaited HIT 2 is set to debut in a few months, and it has been a long time since the first glimpse of the mystery-thriller film was released. Now, the wait is over, as the Telugu actor has announced the release date of the teaser.

In addition to the teaser release date, Adivi Sesh also shared a video of filmmaker Sailesh Kolanu. The short clip features the director explaining the universe of the HIT franchise. 

Sailesh Kolanu explains the HIT Verse expanding with HIT 2

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Adivi Sesh shared the video on Twitter. The Telugu actor tweeted, “Director @KolanuSailesh introduces THE HIT VERSE. #HIT2 Teaser on November 3rd.  #HIT2onDec2 @adivisesh @nameisnani @tprashanti @garrybh1988 @maniDop @Meenakshiioffl #JohnStewartEduri #ManishaADutt”

According to the tweet, HIT: The Secon Case will get its first teaser on November 3, 2022. Along with the release date, the actor also uploaded a video featuring Sailesh Kolanu. The clip opens with a crime scene that accelerates with thriller background music. 

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Sailesh Kolanu introduces himself to the audience, but those who have seen HIT: The First Case know the thriller wizardry of the filmmaker. Following the intro, he introduces us to The Hit Verse giving the audience his inspiration behind the fictional team HIT (Homicide Intervention Team) mentioned in the movies.

The filmmaker also adds that new officers will take charge and expand the universe as the new installment arrives in the franchise. This clarifies the reason why Adivi Sesh is taking the lead instead of Vishwak Sen.  

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Sailesh Kolanu also stated that viewers didn’t have to watch HIT 1 to enjoy HIT 2, but he also highlights that if the audience has watched the first part, they will enjoy the second part more. Kolanu tends to give us information about HIT 3; he’s hilariously interrupted by Adivi Sesh. 

Adivi Sesh starrer HIT: The Second Case will arrive on big screens on December 2, 2022. 

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